Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Bioethanol Manufacturing

Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Bioethanol Manufacturing

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Through leadership in the chemicals and life sciences markets, Honeywell has expertise in hydrolysis, fermentation, dehydration and distillation. Honeywell works with technology licensors, engineering contractors and operating companies to develop the right solution for every plant, and a model for bringing new plants to full production faster.
For second generation bioethanol companies, business depends on quickly and safely scaling up and bringing the most competitive operational plant on line. Honeywell’s solutions are both integrated and scalable. So, whether building a pilot, demo or commercial-scale greenfield facility or upgrading an existing facility, Honeywell can help reduce overall project risk, accelerate production schedules and improve business performance and safety.​

Honeywell offers a full automation solution for bioethanol plants and terminals with scalable offerings for process control and instrumentation, process optimization, plant safety, fire, gas and ethanol leak detection, personnel protection, wireless instrumentation, tank gauging, truck loading, terminal automation, feedstock handling and storage, and more.

Honeywell offers global resources and unique capabilities for this dynamic market, including:

  • Main Automation Contractor capability incorporating solutions from Honeywell’s PKS Advantage, Enraf and Analytics portfolios

  • Cost-effective automation solutions addressing wireless, plant safety and corrosion detection and prevention

  • Packaged automation solutions to bring a process to market up to nine months faster

  • Operator training to minimize disruptions and incidents.


 Honeywell Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Bioethanol Manufacturing Products

    • Digital Video Manager -- Digital Video Manager (DVM) is Honeywell’s unique digital video solution that seamlessly integrates with Experion PKS and Experion Industrial Security platforms, delivering enterprise-wide access to process and security video.
    • Experion Batch Manager -- Experion Batch Manager enables highly flexible recipes on a reliable platform to help manufacturers produce an increasing number of different products cost effectively and rapidly.
    • Experion PKS -- Experion PKS Orion, the latest release of Experion PKS, goes beyond traditional distributed control systems (DCS) by introducing the latest in Universal Channel Technology and comprehensive turnkey Experion virtualization solutions.

Honeywell offers a range of engineering services to bring all the needed intelligence together into a real-time system to help manage entire operations, while maximizing return on investment with continuous lifecycle support.  Delivered through local, trained Honeywell professionals, lifecycle services ensure ongoing benefits and help develop an easy upgrade strategy to the latest technology.

One of Honeywell's core service offerings is its integrated main automation contractor (I-MAC) approach that builds upon the foundation of traditional MAC to ensure operational and business readiness from day one of operations. A global team of expert resources engage with the plant manager, starting with identifying business drivers, presenting a business process model and getting involved in project execution right through management and optimization. The result is quicker, reliable, low cost construction during initial stages of startup to continued efficiencies through the lifecycle of the plant.


 Honeywell Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Bioethanol Manufacturing Services

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