Reliability Solutions for Rubber Calendering

Reliability Solutions for Rubber Calendering

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​In today’s competitive environment, mills have to operate at peak efficiency and maximum utilization, thereby making process and control system uptime extremely critical. This is especially challenging for older mills. Furthermore, as experienced operators, technical, and maintenance personnel retire, capturing their knowledge and experience in the design and utilization of automation solutions is essential.

Honeywell provides a wide range of products and services to maintain the reliability of tire manufacturing operations. Products such as Machine Sentinel monitor machine performance in real time, while its Quality Control System and remote services monitor system and process performance. Honeywell also provides on-site support to provide timely resolution to any problems or issues. 

​Honeywell offers an extensive range of reliability products for rubber calendering that help improve both machine efficiency and maintenance effectiveness. In addition, the products identify equipment with critical operating impact, whether pertaining to operational safety, the environment and/or economic impact.

The products define standard operating procedures and equipment limits with alarm limits integrated within the control system. In addition, operator surveillance and inspection is enabled to identify early warning signs of equipment problems. Finally, they help define rules around corrective action and improve the maintenance team’s effectiveness. With Honeywell’s offerings, operators can radically improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs by more than a quarter.

​Honeywell helps users manage entire operations while maximizing return on investments with continuous lifecycle support. Honeywell is the only automation service provider that continues to support products developed and installed as many as 30 years ago. It helps users handle migrations and expansions and acts as the main Quality Control System supplier for greenfield sites. In addition, Honeywell manages the security of process control networks and maintains field instrumentation, control systems and advanced applications to maximize availability and users’ business potential.


 Honeywell Reliability Solutions for Rubber Calendering Services

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