Project Execution and Services

Project Execution and Services

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Green field, brown field and across the lifecycle Honeywell provides the project management, execution and services to get to production faster and minimize downtime. 


  • Lean Execution of Automation Projects (LEAP) uses Virtualization and Cloud Engineering to keep automation systems off the critical path, massively shortening schedules and driving down costs and risks.

  • Universal Process I/O helps you get things done faster and reduces your footprint. Eliminating marshalling, and configured without additional hardware, universal I/O lets you quickly connect any field signal to any I/O channel in standard cabinets.

  • Assurance 360 outcomes-based services provide certainty and cost control, guaranteeing agreed service levels. It gives you strategic control of servicing and maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Consulting and Engineering Services with Six Sigma methodologies and best-in-class tools deliver superior results, drawing on a global presence and superior expertise.



  • LEAP - Lean execution already entails removing waste, including redundant tasks and rework. LEAP further removes the traditional dependencies that used to force project flows to be sequential in nature, drastically improving the overall project schedule and keeping automation systems off the critical path.


  • LEAP for Brownfield - Leveraging the full capabilities of the LEAP methodology with the addition of tools specifically designed for Brownfield projects, facilities can take advantage of substantial benefits and gains from their automation system migration.


  • Universal Process I/O - Universal I/O solution delivers a greater level of flexibility by enabling continuous changes in system design at the software level.


  • Outcome-based Services – Assurance 360 services are multi-year cooperative service arrangements to maintain, support and optimize the performance of Honeywell control systems, regardless of the industry or size of operations


  • Consulting & Engineering Services – Honeywell’s Engineering Studies align operational and business objectives with project objectives to help maximize the value from automation systems and improve the return on investment through the facility’s lifecycle.​​

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