Automation and Safety Infrastructure for LNG and LPG Carriers, FSRUs and FSUs

Automation and Safety Infrastructure for LNG and LPG Carriers, FSRUs and FSUs

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Honeywell is the leading supplier of Integrated Automation Systems (IAS) for LNG and LPG carriers and newer generation LNG vessels such as Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs) and Floating Storage Units (FSUs). It has supplied more than 100 IAS for all types of LNG carriers – traditional steam, low-speed diesel with re-liquefaction onboard, dual fuel electric, and vessels with re-gasification on board. The organization has extensive experience and expertise in LNG transportation, along with proven IAS technology, to keep ships running safely under harsh conditions.

Honeywell offers solutions that span the entire spectrum of LNG operations, from liquefaction and shipping to regasification and beyond. Its solutions integrate production, processing and transportation operations, and link them with security, safety, commercial, regulatory and environmental functions. As a result, users can improve productivity, lower operating costs, capitalize on key business opportunities, increase asset utilization and boost profitability.

​Honeywell’s IAS is powered by the Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) which provides a single system to automate and integrate vessel subsystems for efficient, safe and reliable operation. This IAS goes beyond traditional control systems in how it optimizes operations and maintenance, and automates routine activities.

Honeywell’s UniSim® simulation technology offers dynamic high-fidelity modeling capabilities. This software is used for the design of onboard gas management systems and validation, and to enhance the design, validate the approach and confirm control strategy functions in a closed loop environment.

​Honeywell offers unmatched support and a range of operations and maintenance services to help ship owners and operators optimize their equipment usage and run their operations smoothly, while complying with all pertinent regulations. The combination of Honeywell’s global network of technicians, remote parts warehouses and certified service stations further ensures a speedy response. All Honeywell sites are ISO 9000 certified.

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