Fluid Control & Monitoring for River Tankers & Barges

Fluid Control & Monitoring for River Tankers & Barges

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​Honeywell supplies complete turnkey solutions for handling and monitoring of fluids aboard vessels, thus ensuring ship stability, environmental protection and reduction in fuel consumption. Its offering includes complete cargo tank gauging and monitoring systems, level gauging for ballast and service tanks, solutions for overfill protection and bilge detection, valve remote control systems and fuel consumption monitoring and optimization systems.

Honeywell’s Cargo Tank Gauging and Monitoring System is a complete turnkey solution for liquid cargo gauging. At the heart of the system is the EM540 radar gauge that is mounted on top of the tank in free space or still pipe. The radar gauge integrates the signals for temperature, inert gas pressure and ballast level sensors and sends this information digitally to the central computing system.

Honeywell also provides compliance solutions for overfill and flooding protection based on Lidec proprietary technology. Its Carla overfill protection system offers full compliance with IMO regulations at a very low cost of ownership. In addition, Honeywell sensors and systems ensure effective ballast and service tank gauging and fluid control. The organization has been supplying vessels with electro-pneumatic and hydrostatic systems for several years. 


 Honeywell Fluid Control & Monitoring for River Tankers & Barges Products

    • CargoBoss Tank Gauging Software -- CargoBoss is a cargo and ballast monitoring software that acts as the eyes and ears of seafarers, allowing constant monitoring of all the critical parameters of liquid cargo tanks.
    • CARLA Overfill Detection System -- Honeywell’s Overfill Protection and Flooding Detection solution utilizes the CARLA system, which meets the standards for protection against accidental cargo tank overflow, and Lidec electronic liquid level switches.
    • CT801 Electropneumatic Level Transmitters -- The CT810 family of electropneumatic transmitters provides level measurement at an extremely low cost of ownership. The transmitters offer proven reliability and have been installed on more than 2,000 vessels worldwide.
    • EM540 Radar Gauge -- Honeywell’s EM540 radar integrates temperature, pressure and ballast data in a compliant, robust and compact system. With its non-contact measurement, it ensures reliable cargo tank gauging.
    • Lidec Liquid Level Switch -- Lidec liquid level switches are liquid level sensors for overfill protection that ensure safety as well as simpler, cost-effective maintenance.
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 Honeywell Fluid Control & Monitoring for River Tankers & Barges Services

    • Marine Services for Automated Gauging Systems -- Honeywell’s services for automated gauging systems help ship owners and operators optimize their equipment usage and run their operations smoothly, while complying with all pertinent regulations.
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