Efficiency Solutions for Metal Operations

Efficiency Solutions for Metal Operations

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​Strong demand and environmental considerations are increasing the pressure on producers to operate safely, reliably and efficiently. This has led to traditional operational methodologies being tested and compared to best practices in other industries for improvement opportunities. Advanced control,used extensively for many years throughout the hydrocarbon processing industries, is now being deployed successfully within metals operations like furnace control.

Improvements in production or yield of 0.5 to 4 percent are being realized together with significant improvements in process stability, which can easily provide profit improvements of millions of dollars per year.

​Efficiency benefits can be derived from the application of numerous technologies to the process. These range from Operator Effectiveness tools through information systems to advanced control. Honeywell is the only automation vendor with a full range of solutions, meaning that the appropriate technology is applied to solve the business issue.

A technology with significant proven benefits is Advanced Control. Profit® Suite is Honeywell's unified family of advanced control and optimization applications which has been installed by thousands of users in multiple industries. It helps maintain responsiveness to changing business demands while achieving optimal return by continually monitoring and controlling operations, and then optimizing unit and global processes. The technology has proved to be suitable for all areas such as furnaces, sintering and smelters. 

Honeywell services offer users expertise in control and industry-specific process knowledge to identify dramatic opportunities for improved process performance. This translates into reduced costs, improved yields and throughput, reduced emissions and improved quality.

Honeywell’s optimization services provide advanced control, production management direction and implementation and support required to optimize processes and increase profits. They help users achieve the maximum benefit from process improvements, providing for fewer quality-related losses, less downgraded product and increased production efficiency.  

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Multivariable predictive control (MPC) advanced control technology Honeywell is a recognized leader in advanced process control for the global mining and minerals processing industry. 776.21 KBBrochure19 Mar 2020
Honeywell's Capabilities in Mining, Metals & MineralsHoneywell's solutions for mining, metals and minerals go beyond the control room. We offer solutions across the entire supply chain to help improve safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability, to improve overall equipment effectiveness.2.58 MBBrochure21 Nov 2012
Intuition Executive Product Information Note Transform your business by increasing knowledge capture and enabling collaboration so you can move from analyzing the past to looking ahead to the future and taking action to achieve operational excellence.390.26 KBProduct Information Note8 May 2012
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Control Performance Optimizer Provides BHP Billiton's Queensland Nickel Total Boiler Solution Honeywell was selected to address the challenge of designing and installing a complete control strategy that emphasized both safety and performance.307.85 KB20 Sep 2011
Control Performance Optimizer Offline Controller Design Improves Copper Rod Quality and Productivity BHP Copper Metals chose Control Performance Optimizer to implement an enhanced control strategy based on accurate process models.297.88 KB20 Sep 2011
Control Performance Monitor Improves PH Control in Zinc ProductionControl Performance Monitor takes advantage of the latest data analysis technology to provide users with an effective tool for monitoring and diagnosing the health of control loops.321.53 KB13 Sep 2011
Control Performance Optimizer Helps Soft Sensors Improve Steel QualityControl Performance Optimizer allowed control engineering personnel to design, develop and simulate different control strategies offline, then implement the best strategy online quickly and efficiently.260.95 KB13 Sep 2011
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