Efficiency Solutions for Minerals Processing

Efficiency Solutions for Minerals Processing

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​Operational efficiency can provide significant business benefits to an operation through cost reduction and production improvements. A typical mineral processing operation is complex with many interacting variables that can impact efficiency. It is important to examine all aspects of the operation, including people, processes and technology to determine the best way to optimize the operation.

Honeywell solutions and methodologies are proven and guaranteed to provide benefits with production or yield improvements of over 4 percent being realized. Not only are these gains achieved but the process is also stabilized, making production more predictable and improving asset reliability.​

​Efficiency gains can be achieved from any of the automation layers. Perhaps the largest gains are achieved through advanced control and through Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Profit® Suite is Honeywell's well-proven, unified family of advanced control and optimization applications. It helps maintain responsiveness to changing business demands while achieving optimal return, continually monitoring and controlling operations, and then optimizing unit and global processes. Delivered through the unified Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) architecture or integrated to the existing control system, Profit Suite solutions improve profitability. The technology is suitable for all areas, including crushing, grinding, flotation, calcination and heat interchange.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide the decision support capabilities necessary for informed decision-making by the operations and for planning, execution and analysis of the operation.

​Honeywell services offer users expertise in control and industry-specific process knowledge to identify dramatic opportunities for improved process performance. This translates into reduced costs, improved yields and throughput, reduced emissions and improved quality. Honeywell optimization services provide the advanced control and production management direction, implementation and support required to optimize processes and increase profits. These services help users achieve the maximum benefit from process improvements, providing for fewer quality-related losses, less downgraded product and increased production efficiency.

Honeywell services use Six Sigma methods to create and deliver targeted studies with proper industry-specific value propositions, valued product and service applications, and company’s lifecycle management needs in-mind. These services are designed to leverage physical and intellectual assets and help users sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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