Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Mining

Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Mining

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The pace of mining is increasing as a result of increased demand and lower grade resources, thus more material needs to be moved by fewer people, more efficiently and safely. This puts increased demands for the right people having the right information at the right time.

Improving the mining supply chain can have a significant impact on an operation’s bottomline through:
  • Improved production capability with integration of process and systems
  • Increased uptime and throughput with better and visible information
  • Alignment of financial systems with operational systems
Mining, be it underground or open cut, is inherently risky. Completely autonomous operations are being examined but may be many years away from being realized. Honeywell can provide a number of complementary solutions that aid in providing a safer work environment.

​Honeywell has a range of security and access control solutions to ensure access to only correctly trained and qualified people who can also be tracked and monitored.

Fire and gas detection can be critical to some operations. Honeywell’s Notifier range is the most respected fire and gas detection system in the industry.

Linking all of this together is the OneWireless™ network providing a single redundant wireless mesh network that can accommodate standard wireless devices (100.11a devices) and Wi-Fi clients such as handheld devices and cameras.

​Honeywell combines best practices with an extensive suite of tools and knowledge databases that enhance productivity, efficiency, accuracy and consistency.

It offers comprehensive maintenance and support services that are designed to leverage physical and intellectual assets and help users sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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