Reliability Solutions for Mining
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​The maintenance of mining equipment is a large portion of the costs associated with mining processes. Traditional maintenance strategies have been based around equipment service hours, combined with OEM’s estimated component life and recommended service hours, to avoid failures. However, these often prove to be conservative, leading to increased maintenance.

Condition-based maintenance allows problems to be identified at the earliest stage (as they occur in real time) and allow maintenance to be conducted at the appropriate time without the risk of unexpected breakdowns.
Since the availability of equipment is crucial for production, it is vital that the health of all mining equipment, be it fixed plant or mobile equipment, is fully understood in real time. Honeywell’s range of reliability solutions provide for real-time maintenance of both fixed and mobile equipment and are OEM independent, making them suitable for multiple equipment types.

​Honeywell’s asset management solutions provide for the monitoring of the health of any asset (such as a crusher or conveyor) and the decision support framework to pinpoint problem areas. Additionally, Honeywell has unique solutions for detecting problems associated with conveyor belts.

The vendor-independent Mobile Equipment Monitor toolset provides real-time visibility into the equipment’s raw sensor data, onboard OEM systems, alarms and events, thus giving a detailed view of the operation, status of equipment and developing problems. As a result, problems can be identified beforehand, providing timely maintenance.

​Honeywell combines best practices with an extensive suite of tools and knowledge databases that enhance productivity, efficiency, accuracy and consistency. Its broad experience, services and technology includes:

  • Global capabilities with consistent local support and implementation

  • Consistent global engineering tools and processes

  • 28 engineering centers

  • Partnerships with best-in-class product and service suppliers

  • Over 2,700 certified global project managers, engineers and designers

  • Over 8 million hours of engineering and support delivered per year

Honeywell offers comprehensive maintenance and support services that are designed to leverage physical and intellectual assets and help users sustain and increase their value and performance over time.


 Honeywell Reliability Solutions for Mining Services

    • Field Instrumentation Services -- Honeywell’s Field instrumentation service contracts control your maintenance costs while boosting reliability, availability and reducing unplanned downtime. We can manage spare parts and provide remote expert support and services.
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Honeywell's Capabilities in Mining, Metals & MineralsHoneywell's solutions for mining, metals and minerals go beyond the control room. We offer solutions across the entire supply chain to help improve safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability, to improve overall equipment effectiveness.2.58 MBBrochure21 Nov 2012
Asset Manager PIN A high level overview of the Asset Manager product, key features, benefits and system topologies.761.42 KBProduct Information Note29 May 2012
Intuition Executive Product Information Note Transform your business by increasing knowledge capture and enabling collaboration so you can move from analyzing the past to looking ahead to the future and taking action to achieve operational excellence.390.26 KBProduct Information Note8 May 2012
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Control Performance Optimizer Offline Controller Design Improves Copper Rod Quality and Productivity BHP Copper Metals chose Control Performance Optimizer to implement an enhanced control strategy based on accurate process models.297.88 KB20 Sep 2011
Control Performance Optimizer Provides Offline Simulation, Reducing Downtime for Australian Lead and Silver Mine In conjunction with mine personnel, engineers used Control Performance Optimizer to develop a non-linear grinding circuit simulator and soft sensors to understand the overload conditions and to continuously monitor the AG mill.238.2 KB15 Sep 2011
Alarm Manager Helps Kestrel Coal Reduce Alarms by 97% The installation of Alarm Manager at Kestrel resulted in a 97% reduction in the average daily alarm count and the suppression of frequent alarm storms.213.88 KB13 Sep 2011
Control Performance Optimizer Assists Rio Tinto’s Hunter Valley Coal Processing Plant to Implement Advanced Control Strategies Honeywell and Rio Tinto developed a prototyping method that would ensure 100% confidence in any new control strategy before modifications were made to the existing controllers’ code.356.07 KB13 Sep 2011
Onesteel ServicesOnesteel Services92.99 KB7 Sep 2011
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