Remote Collaboration
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Companies across industries have multiple production facilities that are geographically spread out over vast distances. This creates two key challenges:

  • Expertise and best practices can be difficult to share and institutionalize across locations.

  • Optimal overall production and productivity is hard enough to achieve at the single asset level, but interdependencies between processes and facilities complicate things even further.

Honeywell’s comprehensive, yet modular solution for Remote Collaboration, Optimization and Operation connects operating sites to a central facility, creating a collaborative environment that becomes the enabler for production improvement. The solution creates true business transformation enabling users to monitor and manage operational activities in real-time or near real-time, regardless of location. The key benefits of the solution are:

  • Leveraging expertise across remote facilities

  • Improving safety in hazardous environments

  • Optimizing production and improving yield

​Honeywell customizes its products to fit into this modular solution, depending on specific user needs. For instance, Intuition™ Executive, powered by Matrikon, provides a rich and cohesive front-end that can pull together and render data from a variety of legacy systems across a customer network. The Honeywell Distributed System Architecture (DSA) allows multiple Experion® systems to operate as one across the enterprise, providing true location-independence to the control system.


 Honeywell Remote Collaboration Products

    • Distributed System Architecture -- Distributed System Architecture (DSA) is a totally integrated system allowing multiple Experion Process Knowledge Systems to operate as one across multiple units, sites and facilities across the enterprise.

​Services to support this solution can vary depending upon the needs of user’s business. There are a wide array of services that can be deployed from onsite support to remote connectivity and monitoring, technology refresh, software deployment, training and much more.

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