Efficiency Solutions for Gas Processing

Efficiency Solutions for Gas Processing

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Experion PKS® from Honeywell is the first step to driving down costs, remaining within emission norms, maximizing capacity utilization and rationalizing assets. The next logical step for improving efficiencies and reducing waste is adding a layer of sophisticated advanced solutions.

Honeywell’s suite of Advanced Applications helps increase throughput of a gas plant, increase NGL’s and liquids separation and help lower energy input within existing capital resources. Process conditions are also stabilized with Advanced Process Control resulting in fewer plant trips and production deferral.
Honeywell HPS, is a leader in development of advanced model-based, real-time optimization solutions for the Oil and Gas industry.

​Honeywell’s suite of advanced applications can help take advantage of hidden opportunities in gas processing plants to achieve optimal process control and profitability. Advanced Control and Optimization, for instance, drives plant process closer to equipment constraints while maintaining multiple process objectives. For instance matching the compressor, reboiler and other circuit settings to minimize overhead carryover, while maintaining highest levels of NGL’s separation, amine regeneration and safe margins of off-take pressure and product specification.

Honeywell’s portfolio of solutions also includes applications to improve operator effectiveness and can also track and report multiple sources of energy usage information against targets, so a single energy management program can be implemented.

Honeywell offers flexible and comprehensive service programs to optimize solution performance and efficiency in all phases of plant lifecycle. Honeywell has a modular service framework that can be tailored to support the unique needs of any plant and help achieve business objectives.

Services help to:

  • Maintain and execute day-to-day tasks

  • Support systems and assets with access to Honeywell technical resources, hardware and software upgrades

  • Optimize the performance, capacity and availability of applications

  • Change applications to adapt to technology changes, process changes and shifts in business conditions

  • Determine the pace and extent to which new software releases need to be adopted to take advantage of new capabilities.

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enCore FC1 DatasheetThe enCore FC1 is a multi stream custody transfer flow computer for Oil and Gas.201.92 KBBrochure14 Dec 2016
Integrated Skids & Pre-Packaged StationsHoneywell is a trusted global partner for integrated skids and pre-packaged stations to the oil and gas industry.3.63 MBBrochure30 Apr 2013
Intuition Executive Product Information Note Transform your business by increasing knowledge capture and enabling collaboration so you can move from analyzing the past to looking ahead to the future and taking action to achieve operational excellence.390.26 KBProduct Information Note8 May 2012
Enhanced Field Surveillance through Real-Time Visualization Well performance monitoring enabled production engineers to optimize the use of their time by being able to quickly pin-point issues and initiative corresponding actions in less time than previously required.1.36 MBTech Spec15 Mar 2012
Performance Monitoring of an Offshore Gas Compressor Oil and gas production generates money and any downtime caused by equipment failure has the possibility of crippling a business.519.07 KBTech Spec23 Sep 2011
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Case Study on UniSim at Chevron's Agbami Oil Field RanksChevron's Agbami FPSO Vessel achieves safe, on-time startup with Honeywell's Simulation Solution.203.31 KB10 Sep 2014
Woodside Improves Safety with UniSim Operator Training SimulatorWoodside Energy used UniSim to train operators on Experion on its Angel platform on Australia’s North West Shelf.293.42 KB4 Aug 2014
Canadian Oil Company to Design a Network Solution for Mobile Equipment A Canadian oil company wanted to monitor their entire fleet of mobile equipment in real time. In order to achieve this goal, the oil company needed a network infrastructure that would be reliable and capable of operating in harsh environments.239.43 KB15 Sep 2011
Cyber Security SAGE Solution Delivers Secure Industrial Control System Access for a Major Alberta Oil and Gas Company A major Alberta oil and gas company needed to implement a secure process control environment across three separate business units at their oil sands site. 280.7 KB15 Sep 2011
Improved Controller Performance Yields Dividends for Oil & Gas CompanyThe software allowed users to compare and document control loop performance in the unit before and after maintenance.384.95 KB12 Sep 2011
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