Manufacturing Execution Systems for Gas Processing

Manufacturing Execution Systems for Gas Processing

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Gas processors have many parallel operations that need to be planned, scheduled, executed and monitored to achieve the financial potential of the asset. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) include applications to manage long term planning and short term scheduling of operations. 

​MES also include executing operations instructions, managing workflows, tracking performance against targets, calculating KPI’s, calculating mass and energy balances, monitoring inventory, custody transfer and more.
With Honeywell’s Manufacturing Execution Systems, gas processors have access to a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications that perform in real-time to automate the above operations. These systems increase visibility to information both in the plant and across the supply chain allowing peak performance and highlighting opportunities for improvements.

​Honeywell’s MES product portfolio manages production information, including planning, scheduling (with optional optimizers), operations monitoring, production monitoring, KPI calculation and visualization, inventory monitoring, movement automation, energy and mass balance calculations, production allocations and more.

The company’s MES portfolio goes beyond the traditional MES component supply. For instance, it contains all the elements needed by IGDs to link producing natural gas wells through to sales gas nominations. For marine side NGLs producers, Honeywell includes often overlooked components such as berth assignments, pilot scheduling and transit time.

By managing plans and schedules, communicating approved activities to operators, and enabling efficient capture and validation of actual production information, asset owners can improve collaboration between supply chain planning, production planning and daily operations.

Honeywell offers flexible and comprehensive service programs to support and optimize application performance through the asset lifecycle. Honeywell aligns services with the asset’s business strategy. The company offers a modular service framework that can be tailored to support the unique needs of any asset.

Services help to:

  • Maintain and execute day to day tasks

  • Support systems and assets with access to Honeywell technical resources, hardware, and software upgrades

  • Optimize the performance, capacity, and availability of applications

  • Adapt applications to shifts in business conditions, process conditions and technology standards

  • Determine the pace and extent to which new software releases need to be adopted to take advantage of new capabilities

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