Integrated Automation Systems (IAS) for LNG Carriers, FSRU and Other High Tech Vessels

Integrated Automation Systems (IAS) for LNG Carriers, FSRU and Other High Tech Vessels

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Honeywell’s Integrated Automation System (IAS) spans the entire spectrum of LNG operations, including liquefaction, shipping, regasification and beyond. It provides a single system to automate and integrate vessel subsystems for efficient, safe and reliable operations. IAS integrates onboard liquefaction and regasification systems to help ship owners realize savings through adoption of alternative propulsion systems. The system also offers compressor automation integration, including suction flow control, lube and seal oil control and anti-surge control. Based on recommendations of the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium, Honeywell’s IAS helps crew prevent and mitigate incidents onboard.

IAS is based on award-winning, state-of-the-art Experion® PKS automation technology that improves the reliability, safety and efficiency of an LNG vessel. Tight integration of monitoring, control, safety, security and dynamic positioning (DP) systems enhances efficiency and reduces risk for ship owners and operators.

Honeywell’s IAS goes beyond traditional control systems in how it optimizes operations and maintenance, and automates routine activities. It integrates production, processing and transportation operations, and links them with security, safety, commercial, regulatory and environmental functions.

Honeywell provides a marine industry-specific version of Experion PKS for vessels such as LNG Carriers, LNG RV (Regasification Vessel), FSRUs (Floating Storage Regasification Unit), FLRSU (Floating Liquefaction Regasification and Storage Unit) and FLNG. The IAS also includes simulators based on Honeywell’s UniSim® technology. The simulators range from an OTS on laptop for manager-level training to multiple PCs with dual screens and membrane keyboards for ship owners and maritime academies for conducting training. Honeywell also offers an OTS to meet dynamic high-fidelity modeling requirements. The simulators are used by process engineers for designing onboard gas management systems and validation, and by Honeywell engineers to enhance the design, validate the approach and confirm control strategy functions in a closed loop environment.


 Honeywell Integrated Automation Systems (IAS) for LNG Carriers, FSRU and Other High Tech Vessels Products

    • Digital Video Manager -- Digital Video Manager (DVM) is Honeywell’s unique digital video solution that seamlessly integrates with Experion PKS and Experion Industrial Security platforms, delivering enterprise-wide access to process and security video.

Honeywell provides a wide range of services to maintain, support and optimize users’ automation assets with on-demand or periodic services and solutions. Its global marine support network offers 24 hours-a-day call centre support with access to worldwide LNG carrier support personnel and guaranteed quick response. Services include centralized coordination of spares, remedial maintenance, preventive maintenance, modifications and upgrades, dry dock maintenance, warranty support and training. Honeywell is the only automation service provider that continues to support products developed and installed as many as 20 years ago.

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