Reliability Solutions for LNG

Reliability Solutions for LNG

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​Production managers and operations personnel realize that maximizing and maintaining process and equipment availability is necessary to achieve LNG daily production targets. They need tools to recognize how hard they can push the gas feeds, LNG production trains, tanker vessel movements and receiving terminals without risking process integrity and overstressing key pieces of equipment.

This must be accomplished while accurately planning for feed changes and turnarounds as they become necessary. This requires tight connection between process data and equipment health monitoring so boundary limits are recognized even though operating modes and equipment demands are constantly changing.
Honeywell’s reliability solutions improve availability and reduce downtime through proactive asset management and early detection of potential problems ranging from corrosion to equipment failure. 

​Honeywell’s suite of reliability products focus on proactive asset management and lifecycle support. It is a combination of equipment health monitoring devices, planning and process applications, as well as lifecycle management tools that:

  • Improve asset management with wireless transmitters, corrosion detection and change management solutions

  • Empower employees with the information to make better decisions faster with alarm management tools, wireless solutions and simulation technology

  • Operate consistently with boundary management and advanced process control 

  • Enhance asset lifecycle with open systems management and lifecycle services


 Honeywell Reliability Solutions for LNG Products

    • Field Device Manager -- Honeywell Field Device Manager (FDM) simplifies maintenance tasks, saves time and provides the flexibility and scalability to perform complete device configuration and management tasks in the plant environment through smart plant instrumentation.

Honeywell services provide customized solutions as per the users’ LNG operating processes. A site review starts gathering information on process variables and the operating procedures. Combining process information with operating modes helps identify best in class practices. Often the information is tested in Honeywell’s Operator Training Simulator, and thereafter incorporated into the process and training simulation to train future operators.

Each of these services requires tight involvement of engineering and operations. Engineering provides design information with boundaries while operations provide day to day steps used to attain the production targets. LNG operational experience and best in class routines are captured including guidance for abnormal situations, increasing reliability and significantly reducing risk.


 Honeywell Reliability Solutions for LNG Services

    • Corrosion Laboratory Services -- Corrosion and Materials Testing and Research utilize a state-of-the-art laboratory to safely test a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials in extreme conditions which helps in corrosion protection, minimizes losses and increase production.
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