Digital Suites for Oil & Gas – Digital Intelligence e-Book Available Now

Digital Suites for Oil & Gas – Digital Intelligence e-Book Available Now

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Digital Suites for Oil and Gas help overcome data challenges by capturing, managing, and analyzing the right production data. Upstream producers can create digital intelligence to drive safer, more tightly integrated operations. 

Developed closely with industry leading customers, Digital Suites for Oil and Gas can help upstream companies improve production results by up to 5% through a combination of better productivity, higher uptime, and remote operations. It includes the new capability of Uniformance®​ Asset Sentinel​ that delivers real-time asset-centric analytics and event detection for engineering, maintenance and operations. ​​

Learn how to do all this and more with Honeywell's Executive Guide to Digital Intelligence for Oil & Gas and discover a new level of performance and production improvements of up to 5%. 


A combination of six solutions, Digital Suites for Oil and Gas include:
  • Operational Data - Analyze a secure archive of your upstream data to make your next decision a better decision.

  • Process Safety - Ensure safe operations and process reliability of your upstream assets.

  • Equipment Effectiveness - Act in real-time to minimize cost and maximize the uptime of your upstream assets

  • Production Surveillance 

  • Production Excellence - Enable your people to plan, perform, and optimize upstream production

  • Operational Performance - Discover risks, opportunities and collaborate across your integrated operations.

Watch the Digital Suites for Oil and Gas video and learn how this software family can help improve performance through the capture, management, and analysis of data from all elements of an upstream asset. 
Operational Data Management
  • Uniformance Process History Database -- Uniformance Process History Database (PHD) collects, stores and replays historical and continuous plant process data to improve data security, efficiency and business performance.
Process Safety
  • Process Safety Analyzer -- Process Safety Analyzer (PSA) software ensures process safety by continuously tracking, analyzing and reporting on the condition of safety instrumented systems.
  • Alarm Management -- Honeywell's DynAMo alarm management software solution delivers capabilities for alarm system rationalization, automated enforcement of alarm policies and measurement and reporting of alarm system performance. 
Equipment Effectiveness
  • Uniformance Asset Sentinel -- Uniformance Asset Sentinel continuously monitors equipment and process health, enabling industrial facilities to predict and prevent asset failures and poor operational performance.
  • Production Control Center​ -- Production Control Center (PCC) is a platform for oil and gas users that automates time-consuming tasks, makes information available across the organization, improves remote monitoring and promotes collaboration for safer, more efficient operations.
Production Surveillance
  • Well Performance Monitor -- Well Performance Monitor is a web-enabled monitoring solution that enables users to proactively assess the performance of oil and gas production fields using real-time key performance indicators (KPIs).

Production Excellence
  • Profit Suite -- Profit Suite and Control Performance Monitor address all aspects of advanced process control (APC) and optimization from improving regulatory loop control to optimizing the entire process.
  • Operations Management -- Honeywell’s Operations Management family support site work processes related to managing planning targets, standard operating limits, and monitoring those targets and limits.
  • Capacity and Distribution Planner -- Capacity and Distribution Planner (CDP) is a manufacturing execution system (MES) for oil and gas facilities that helps users model supply, production and distribution problems.
  • Production Balance -- It is a software application designed for rapid generation of accurate and approved material or energy balance of an entire facility and individual processing units.

Operational Performance
  • Intuition Executive -- Intuition Executive is a software for enterprise-wide information integration and real-time visualization.

 Honeywell Digital Suites for Oil & Gas – Digital Intelligence e-Book Available Now Services

    • Benefits Guardianship Program -- Honeywell Benefits Guardianship Program protects users' investment in advanced software applications by providing a cost-effective path to the latest technology while delivering ongoing support for existing applications.
    • Benefits Guardianship Program (BGP) Performa -- Honeywell’s Benefit Guardianship Program (BGP) Performa service is designed to deliver overview of all aspects of system management so that applications continue to meet or exceed performance targets and provide long-term benefits.
    • Benefits Guardianship Program (BGP) Plus -- Benefits Guardianship Program (BGP) Plus is a scheduled program of on-site services including tuning, training and application maintenance by Honeywell’s advanced software experts.
    • Customized Services -- Honeywell offers customized solutions that fit the business needs of different users with its flexible maintenance and support plans, hardware and software upgrades and access to onsite or remote Honeywell technical experts.
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"How Monitoring by Exception Should Work" in Digital Energy Journal June 2016A good “monitoring by exception” system on a gas field should help staff respond to what’s important – and not be bothered the rest of the time. But it needs to be properly set up. Michele Loseto from Honeywell Process Solutions explains how to do it, with an example from a coal seam gas field.625.56 KBArticle Reprint15 Jun 2016
"Deciphering the Digital Oilfield" in Oilfield Technology March 2016 IsssueMichele Loseto’s article "Deciphering the Digital Oilfield" published in the March 2016 issue of Oilfield Technology. In this article, Michele assesses the impact of digital field solutions on the optimisation of real time data.1.24 MBArticle Reprint15 Mar 2016
HPS Discover Oil and Gas Offshore SolutionsThis brochure provides an overview of our offshore portfolio.1.25 MBBrochure12 Oct 2015
Discover Digital Intelligence with Digital Suites for Oil and GasBy leveraging the power of digital intelligence, upstream companies can ensure safe production with higher uptime, reducing actual risks and proving that regulations are met.1.92 MBBrochure6 May 2015
Digital Suites for Oil and Gas InfographicDiscover improved performance through Digital Intelliegence. Take a look at the Oil and Gas Industry Challenges, Benefits of Effective Data Management, and see how Honeywell's Digital Suites for Oil and Gas can help overcome these challenges.2.08 MBBrochure22 Apr 2015
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Gas Operator Selects Honeywell to Implement Well & Field Exception-Based SurveillanceHoneywell completed a pilot project for a leading clean energy company operating unconventional Coal Seam Gas fields and gas-fired power stations, with plans to deliver Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the international market. This case study highlights Digital Suites for Oil and Gas. 343.63 KB8 May 2015
Improved Controller Performance Yields Dividends for Oil & Gas CompanyThe software allowed users to compare and document control loop performance in the unit before and after maintenance.384.95 KB12 Sep 2011
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