Pipeline SCADA - Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Pipelines

Pipeline SCADA - Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Pipelines

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Today’s pipelines require rigorous application of safety and control systems. One of the most common technologies found in pipelines is the use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) based automation systems, with increasing application of safety shutdown systems in key locations.

Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) includes a world class SCADA system that drives critical information to the pipelines operations team while automating data logging and processing.  
When integrated with Honeywell’s SIL3 rated Safety Manager and its robust RC500 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), the system offers a unified platform with a single operating view of safety, operations and reliability. Honeywell Profit Loop Controllers and distributed control system are also natively integrated into the SCADA solution as are many non-Honeywell branded devices.

​Honeywell’s core offering is the Experion SCADA integrated with RC500 RTU and Safety Manager. Experion® is scalable to address the requirements of the largest pipelines. Where a multiple-server SCADA is required such as at complex sub-stations, flexible and secure operations are enabled with Honeywell’s patented Distributed System Architecture (DSA).

Built on proven Quadruple Modular Redundancy (QMR®), Safety Manager tightly integrates with SCADA alarm and events capabilities in addition to the pipelines fire and gas (F&G), emergency shutdown and burner management systems that are installed at various locations in the pipeline.

Honeywell also offers a comprehensive physical security and cyber security product portfolio that protects property, people and the environment.


 Honeywell Pipeline SCADA - Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Pipelines Products

    • Experion SCADA -- Experion SCADA is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
    • Field Device Manager -- Honeywell Field Device Manager (FDM) simplifies maintenance tasks, saves time and provides the flexibility and scalability to perform complete device configuration and management tasks in the plant environment through smart plant instrumentation.

​Honeywell offers a range of engineering services to design, implement, maintain and enhance the automation and safety systems used in pipelines. The services cover everything from the conceptualization phase through early engineering to support across the full lifecycle of the asset. Honeywell is the only automation service provider that continues to support products developed and installed as many as 30 years ago. 

Services range from project engineering services to handle migrations or expansions to acting as the main automation contractor for greenfield sites and from managing the security of process control networks to maintaining field instrumentation, control systems and advanced applications.


 Honeywell Pipeline SCADA - Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Pipelines Services

    • Engineering Consulting Services -- Honeywell offers Engineering Consulting services to resolve plant and field corrosion problems whereby users benefit from cost-effective corrosion control procedures tailored to the unique needs of their particular operation or process plant.
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