Safety and Automation Infrastructure for Unconventional Gas Production

Safety and Automation Infrastructure for Unconventional Gas Production

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The two critical areas of any gas production operation – including the well head, well pad or processing facility are automation control and infrastructure protection. 

Honeywell’s Experion® PKS is a next generation control system that drives critical information to the production operations management team. When Experion is integrated with Safety Manager, and the RC500 RTU, the result is a unified platform that offers a single operating view of safety and automation systems while maintaining the necessary separation and redundancy required for safety systems. This solution elevates safety and process availability and production and profitability of the natural gas production facility, its personnel, equipment and environment.

​Honeywell’s core offering is the Experion® DCS integrated with Safety Manager. Built on proven Quadruple Modular Redundancy (QMR) ®, Safety Manager tightly integrates with Experion’s alarm and events capabilities in addition to the plant’s Fire & Gas (F&G), Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Burner Management Systems (BMS). While maintaining functional safety separation, it is able to provide single view access to the plant manager for easy analysis on an Experion station.

Honeywell also offers a comprehensive physical and cyber security product portfolio that covers the protection of key assets including property, people, and the environment as well as the preservation of different sets of criteria such as maintaining confidentiality of information, integrity of data and availability of systems.

​Honeywell offers a range of engineering services to bring all the needed intelligence together into a real-time system. This helps manage the complete operations while maximizing return on investment with continuous lifecycle support. Honeywell is the only automation service provider that continues to support products developed and installed as many as 30 years ago. 

The services range from project engineering to handle migrations or expansions, acting as the main automation contractor for new Greenfield sites, managing the security of process control networks or maintaining field instrumentation, control systems and advanced applications to maximize availability and users' business potential.

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