Asset Management Solutions

Asset Management Solutions

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When research pays off, Honeywell’s asset management solutions keep production going to maximise value from your IP. Smart instruments deliver asset and process data to combine with analytics and expertise for improved asset reliability, lower maintenance costs, and fewer unplanned shutdowns.

Condition based monitoring to drive performance and reliability to the next level; at-a-glance visualization of equipment health to predict and prevent failures; cyber security to protect your process; and software and services for cost-effective migrations and modernization: Honeywell has the insight and intuitive tools you need to minimize disruptions and maximize production.  ​

 We offer market-leading solutions delivering value across the life cycle:
  • Control Performance Monitor provides condition-based monitoring that identifies, diagnoses and remedies control asset issues across the plant.
  • Uniformance® Asset Sentinel is your solution to monitor equipment and process health, predicting and preventing asset failures and enhancing operational performance.
  • Cyber security solutions and services proactively monitor and protect against threats to security and system availability.  ​
  • Experion® Batch - combines distributed control and batch automation. Enhancing throughput, efficiency and reliability, it’s the only batch solution executing directly in the controller.




  • Universal Process I/O - Universal I/O solution delivers a greater level of flexibility by enabling continuous changes in system design at the software level.


  • ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller - the new ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller (UOC) reduces hardware footprint with a modular and space efficient hardware package.


  • Distributed System Architecture - the ideal solution for integrating processes when there are multiple units, control rooms or geographically distributed locations


  • Cyber Security - Honeywell's Industrial Cyber Security Solutions help plants and critical infrastructure sectors defend the availability, reliability and safety of their industrial control systems (ICS) and plant operations.


  • LEAP - Lean execution already entails removing waste, including redundant tasks and rework. LEAP further removes the traditional dependencies that used to force project flows to be sequential in nature, drastically improving the overall project schedule and keeping automation systems off the critical path.

  • Uniformance® Asset Sentinel - Honeywell’s Uniformance® Asset Sentinel continuously monitors equipment and process health, enabling industrial facilities to predict and prevent asset failures and poor operational performance.

      • ​Outcome-based Services – Assurance 360 services are multi-year cooperative service arrangements to maintain, support and optimize the performance of Honeywell control systems, regardless of the industry or size of operations

      • Consulting & Engineering Services – Honeywell’s Engineering Studies align operational and business objectives with project objectives to help maximize the value from automation systems and improve the return on investment through the facility’s lifecycle.​​

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        Brochure18 Jan 2018For more than three decades, Honeywell’s solutions and services have helped the world’s leading drug manufacturers and biomedical firms enhance operations and build more effective, profitable businesses.Pharmaceutical Solutions
        Application Note12 Oct 2017Updated version of Experion Batch Solution note, Oct 2017. Please update on new Experion Batch product page, not shown in the products menu yet.Experion Batch Solution Note - Oct 2017
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        Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Success StoryOrchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Improves Batch Automation with Experion PKS25 Jan 2012Case Study
        PeroxyThai Selects Experion to Update its Automation System from Fisher PROVOX SystemWhen PeroxyThai realized it had to upgrade its legacy PROVOX control system, it migrated to Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). Experion demonstrated the flexibility and reliability of a proven control system that helped satisfy a return on investment based on opportunity cost.7 Sep 2011Case Study
        H&R Improves Production with Better Decision Making, thanks to Honeywell Production Balance With Honeywell’s yield production and accounting (Production Balance), H&R ChemPharm was able to clearly understand, identify and manipulate the critical streams that have a large impact on its profitability. 7 Sep 2011Case Study
        OneWireless Quick-Start Implementation Reduces Costs & Improves Reliability at Shire Biopharma PlantHoneywell’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry and wireless expertise enabled Shire to start production in a rapid timeframe in order to deliver products in their new market.7 Sep 2011Case Study
        Solvay Increases Efficiency with Honeywell’s Profit LoopCase Study on Solvay Increases Efficiency with Honeywell’s Profit Loop29 Mar 2010Case Study
        Storage Temperature of Critical PharmaceuticalsA major pharmaceutical company needed to monitor the temperature of critical pharmaceutical products stored at multiple building locations throughout a large campus. Some smaller freezers and coolers are movable, so standard wired transmitters had to be reinstalled often. Honeywell worked with the company to provide a wireless solution that improved flexibility while reducing installation costs significantly.1 Aug 2008Case Study
        Polpharma Relies on Honeywell as Strategic Partner for Complete Automation EfficiencyIn order to update its facility the company looked at and selected POMS MES to increase performance by ensuring products are manufactured the right way, at the right time, every time. POMS controls and tracks all aspects of production, secures predictable21 Jan 2008Case Study
        CSL Behring (Illinois, USA)CSL Behring, a pharmaceutical company specializing in the manufacture of plasma products, relied on Honeywell’s XYR 5000 wireless transmitters to solve safety issues, meet compliance regulations, and increase data access and availability for improved decision making.1 Nov 2007Case Study
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