Solutions for Regulatory and Quality Compliance

Solutions for Regulatory and Quality Compliance

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Honeywell offers pharma businesses powerful solutions to meet the world’s toughest compliance and quality requirements. Software and expertise for data integrity, validation, real-time batch release and digitization will keep you compliant and drive continuous improvement: Every batch accurately recorded and right first time.


Our solutions for validation include 21 CFR part 11 compliance and electronic batch recording with exception reporting; we improve traceability and transparency through efficient, automated data capture, recording and reporting; and we deliver automation and process control for consistency and oversight.​

Expertise and instrumentation, delivered through a global network support market-leading solutions that bring together real-time data with advanced software and analytics:

  • Experion® Batch combines distributed control and batch automation. Enhancing throughput, efficiency, and reliability, it’s the only batch solution executing directly in the controller.

  • Procedure Analyst answers all your reporting and analysis needs for procedural operations, with sophisticated batch reporting and querying to compare history over multiple executions.​



  • Experion®​ Batch - combines distributed control and batch automation. Enhancing throughput, efficiency and reliability,  it’s the only batch solution executing directly in the controller.

·         Universal Process I/O - Universal I/O solution delivers a greater level of flexibility by enabling continuous changes in system design at the software level.

·         ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller - the new ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller (UOC) reduces hardware footprint with a modular and space efficient hardware package.

·         Cyber Security - Honeywell's Industrial Cyber Security Solutions help plants and critical infrastructure sectors defend the availability, reliability and safety of their industrial control systems (ICS) and plant operations.

·         Profit® Controller - Honeywell’s Profit® Controller application allows easy implementation of multivariable control and optimization strategies, and provides safe control of complex industrial processes. As a result, users benefit from increased throughput and improved production of high-value products at lower costs.

·         Control Performance Monitor - Control Performance Monitor is a condition-based application that monitors, identifies, diagnoses and remedies control asset issues across all plant layers ranging from regulatory to model predictive controllers. It helps users maintain the reliability and efficiency of their process control assets.

·         DynAMo® Alarm & Operations Management - DynAMo delivers advanced capabilities from alarm system benchmarking and compliance, to predictive monitoring, analytics and built in alarm rationalization tools. It augments its multi-award winning Alarm Management software with industries #1 choice for Operations Management, integrating Operations Monitoring solutions to ensure your plant operates within safe and integrity operating windows (IOW), as well as a smart electronic Operations Logbook to secure critical shift handover and takeover processes.

·         Batch Reporting & Analytics

·         Smart Field Instrumentation (Smartline & OneWireless, Chart Recorders)

o    Smartline - With their superior performance, innovative design and unparalleled user experience, SmartLine transmitters improve yield, reduce downtime and lower your overall costs.

o    OneWireless Network - Honeywell wireless technology allows seamless extension of the process control network into the field.

o    Chart Recorders - Honeywell’s Circular Chart recorders offer a cost-effective way to maintain these records and help manufacturers optimize the data collection process.

·         Procedure Analyst - Honeywell’s Procedure Analyst helps users with discontinuous or batch processes to analyze process conditions and address key business drivers to drive continuous improvement. The result: greater consistency, safer production, lower material and energy usage, and reduced cycle times.

·         Uniformance® Asset Sentinel - Honeywell’s Uniformance® Asset Sentinel continuously monitors equipment and process health, enabling industrial facilities to predict and prevent asset failures and poor operational performance.

·         Uniformance® PHD - Scalable, secure, robust and open, Uniformance® PHD helps users make better and faster decisions with superior data management.

·         QVCS (Version Control Software) - The Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) Qualification and Version Control System (QVCS) simplifies system qualification by defining and enforcing a user-defined development lifecycle.

  • Outcome-based Services – Assurance 360 services are multi-year cooperative service arrangements to maintain, support and optimize the performance of Honeywell control systems, regardless of the industry or size of operations
  • Consulting & Engineering Services – Honeywell’s Engineering Studies align operational and business objectives with project objectives to help maximize the value from automation systems and improve the return on investment through the facility’s lifecycle.
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