Manufacturing Execution Systems for Biomass

Manufacturing Execution Systems for Biomass

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Plant managers need to be able to balance energy demand and produce according to power purchase agreements. This necessitates timely and accurate information to be able to make optimal decisions on whether the plant can profitably make renewable power.

With Honeywell’s Manufacturing Execution Systems, plant managers have access to comprehensive performance data in real-time to assess and capitalize on opportunities faster and more intelligently. These systems increase visibility to information both in the plant and across the supply chain. They guide, initiate, respond to and report onsite activities in real-time, while providing feedback to planning and enterprise systems.

Honeywell’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) product portfolio manages production information, including the status of production runs, detailed unit operations, inventory and movement quantities and conversion factors.

By capturing production plans and schedules, communicating approved activities to operators and enabling efficient capture and validation of actual production information, plant managers can improve the collaboration between supply chain planning, production planning and plant operations.

​Honeywell offers flexible and comprehensive service programs to optimize application performance and efficiency in all phases of the automation lifecycle. Honeywell aligns the plant’s service strategy with its business strategy. The company has developed a modular service framework that can be tailored to support the unique needs of any plant and help achieve its long term objectives.

The company’s services typically help plant managers to:

  • Maintain and execute day to day tasks

  • Support systems and assets with access to Honeywell technical

  • resources, hardware and software upgrades

  • Optimize the performance, capacity and availability of applications

  • Change applications to adapt to technology changes, process

  • changes, and shifts in business conditions

  • Determine the pace and extent to which new software releases need to be adopted to take advantage of new capabilities.

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NERC CIP Compliance Gap Analysis for Generation Impending changes to NERC CIP will broaden the scope of cyber systems subject to compliance. This means that almost all generating plants of even modest size will need to comply with some or all NERC CIP requirements in the coming few years.308.26 KBProduct Information Note19 Sep 2011
Managing Your NERC CIP Compliance Program Here are some ways that Compliance Manager can help you to automate your CIP compliance effort.246.01 KBProduct Information Note19 Sep 2011
Power PdMAgainst a backdrop of unprecedented changes in the power sector, Power PdM provides a more effective way to extend asset life, improve asset and network reliability and reduce costs.540.3 KBBrochure12 Sep 2011
NERC CIP Services & SolutionsIndustrial Security & Compliance offers a comprehensive set of NERC CIP services and solutions to help you achieve and maintain NERC CIP compliance—everything from tasks targeted at specific CIP requirements to a total NERC CIP compliance program.2.59 MBBrochure12 Sep 2011
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United Energy Reduces Engineering and Maintenance with Experion Turbo Machinery ControlHoneywell’s fully integrated Experion® Turbo Machinery Control solution enabled United Energy to reduce engineering and maintenance efforts involved in maintaining reliable and stable heat and electric generation capacity.212.56 KB12 Dec 2012
A U.S. Power Company to Perform a SCADA Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment After contacting a number of IT consulting firms, the power company chose Industrial Cyber Security because of their thorough knowledge of SCADA and other control systems.240.7 KB15 Sep 2011
U.S. Power Company to Develop a NERC CIP Compliance Strategy A U.S. power company needed to achieve full NERC CIP compliance for over 1000 Cyber Assets across multiple plants on an accelerated schedule. Once the December 31, 2009 deadline passed, the company would need to ensure that they remained compliant.245.31 KB15 Sep 2011
Honeywell Performs a NERC CIP Cyber Vulnerability Assessment for the Transmission Arm of a Large U.S. Power Company The transmission arm of a large U.S. power company needed a cyber vulnerability assessment (CVA) to satisfy NERC CIP-005 and CIP-007. The CVA needed to be conducted for multiple sites on an accelerated schedule.238.22 KB15 Sep 2011
U.S. Power Company to Implement a NERC CIP Compliance Roadmap A U.S power company required an experienced and knowledgeable consultant to assist in their understanding of the NERC CIP standards so that the scope and effort required to achieve compliance was clearly defined.343.12 KB15 Sep 2011
U.S. Power Company to Achieve and Sustain NERC CIP Compliance A U.S power company needed to create and implement a plan to achieve compliance with NERC CIP on a very tight schedule. Once compliance was achieved, the company also required continued support to ensure their compliance with NERC CIP.192.36 KB15 Sep 2011
Meridian Energy Centralizes Control Room Operations Meridian‘s Generation Improvement Team selected Honeywell to deliver an integrated Plant Asset Management (PAM) system that would provide early warning of deterioration of critical equipment, perform basic analysis and provide predictive capability.540.42 KB14 Sep 2011
Early Warning: Honeywell partners with Meridian Energy to develop the Predictive Asset Management (PAM) systemAs their fleet of transformers moved closer to the end of their design life, Meridian Energy needed to find a way to use their wealth of maintenance data to assist them in making decisions about how to safely and efficiently manage this fleet.217.41 KB12 Sep 2011
Equipment Condition Monitor Reduces Maintenance Costs And Improves Planning And Equipment Availability For AmerenUEManagement at the AmerenUE Labadie plant were looking for a solution that would enable them to monitor critical parameters around key equipment and detect abnormalities that are early indicators of impending equipment failure and unplanned downtime.248.05 KB12 Sep 2011
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