Efficiency (Advanced Applications) for Refining

Efficiency (Advanced Applications) for Refining

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The refining and petrochemicals industries are focused on minimizing production costs, meeting emission norms, maximizing unit production and flexibility, and rationalizing assets. Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) addresses requirements across the manufacturing process to achieve consistent product quality. The next step for improving efficiency and reducing waste is adding a sophisticated advanced solutions layer.

Honeywell’s suite of advanced applications helps increase throughput of a plant and yields of the most valuable products, while lowering cost of production using existing capital resources. It also increases the effective capacity of the unit by enabling it to consistently perform against multiple operating constraints.
These advanced applications leverage the design and operating know-how of UOP, a Honeywell company and a leader in process technology in the refining and petrochemicals industries.

Advanced applications from Honeywell help users take advantage of hidden opportunities in the manufacturing system to achieve optimal process control and profitability. These advanced applications help design and develop solutions that effectively match user needs, and also help train and develop operators by effectively capturing the knowledge gained over the years. An alarm management solution provides continuous data on the performance of the system, while a training simulator helps engineers and operators minimize their ramp-up time. Honeywell’s advanced solutions can also track and report multiple sources of energy usage information against targets so that a single energy management program can be implemented.


 Honeywell Efficiency (Advanced Applications) for Refining Products

    • Blend Performance Monitor -- Honeywell’s Blend Performance Monitor application provides an integrated information environment that supports the collection, storage and analysis of finished product blending information.
    • Control Performance Monitor -- Control Performance Monitor is a condition-based application that monitors, identifies, diagnoses and remedies control asset issues across all plant layers ranging from regulatory to model predictive controllers​.
    • DynAMo Documentation and Enforcement -- Master Alarm Database, Alarm Response Manual, and Alarm System Change Management tool with built in High Available Enforcement of alarm settings direct to the underlying control system.
    • DynAMo Metrics and Reporting -- DynAMo Metrics and Reporting is a system independent software that collects and stores all alarm and event data, monitors alarm system performance, and diagnoses alarm problems via intuitive reports.
    • Profit Blend Controller -- Honeywell’s Profit Blend Controller (PBC) is used to control in-line blending of materials and ensure that components are blended in accordance with blend recipe specifications.
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To complement its market-leading advanced solutions applications, Honeywell offers flexible and comprehensive service programs to optimize application performance and efficiency in all phases of the automation lifecycle. Honeywell’s modular service framework can be tailored to support the unique needs of any plant and help achieve its long-term objectives, helping plant managers:

  • Maintain and execute day-to-day tasks

  • Support Systems and assets with access to Honeywell technical resources, hardware and software

  • Optimize performance, capacity, and availability of applications

  • Change applications to adapt to technology and process changes and shifts in business conditions

  • Determine the pace and extent to which new software releases need to be adopted.

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Turn Noise into KnowledgeTurn Noise into Knowledge588.14 KBBrochure5 May 2017
UniSim Design Suite PIN-R451UniSim Design Suite product information note282.64 KBProduct Information Note23 Jan 2017
Profit Controller Suncor whitepaperProfit Controller Suncor whitepaper302.76 KBWhitepaper7 Sep 2011
Profit Controller Suncor whitepaperContains white paper on Crude Unit Profit Controller Implementation Using Profit Stepper302.76 KBWhitepaper28 Oct 2010
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S-OIL Improves Production Capacity and Decreases Energy consumption With Honeywell Profit Suite S-OIL selected the Honeywell Profit® Suite Advanced Process Control for the Onsan oil refinery complex 92.67 KB11 Nov 2011
Control Performance Optimizer Enhances Control and Improves Nickel Dryer Throughput The refiner used Control Performance Optimizer to design, develop and simulate an improved control strategy for their ore drying process offline, then seamlessly implement it on their process.195.22 KB15 Sep 2011
Alarm Manager Helps Cut Through the Noise at Galp EnergiaWith several options available to Galp Energia’s Oporto Refinery, the Process Control and Automation team selected Alarm Manager as a separate system for alarm management.339.69 KB13 Sep 2011
Major Refinery Achieves Control Optimization Benefits with Control Performance MonitorThe solution gave them the tools to optimize tuning on all their regulatory loops and extract more value from the control assets across their facilities.214.84 KB12 Sep 2011
Success Story Citgo Profit ControllerSuccess Story Citgo Profit Controller98.75 KB7 Sep 2011
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