Manufacturing Execution Systems for Refining

Manufacturing Execution Systems for Refining

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Plant managers need to balance their customers’ requirements with inventory levels. This means timely and accurate information should be available for them to make the right decisions on whether the plant can profitably deliver on a fresh order and what impact this will have on the rest of the production schedule.

With Honeywell’s Manufacturing Execution Systems, plant managers gain access to comprehensive performance data in real time and are able to assess and capitalize on opportunities faster and more intelligently. These operation management systems increase visibility into information both in the plant and across the supply chain. They guide, initiate, respond to and report onsite activities in real-time, while providing feedback to planning and enterprise systems.  

​Honeywell’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) product portfolio manages production information, including the status of production runs, detailed unit operations, inventory and movement quantities and conversion factors.

By capturing production plans and schedules, communicating approved activities to operators and enabling efficient capture and validation of actual production information, plant managers can ensure greater alignment between supply chain planning, production planning and plant operations. 

​Honeywell offers flexible and comprehensive service programs to optimize application performance and efficiency in all phases of the automation lifecycle and aligns the plant’s service strategy with users’ business strategy. It has developed a modular service framework that can be tailored to support the unique needs of any plant and help achieve long-term objectives of operations management, helping managers:

  • Maintain and execute day-to-day tasks

  • Support systems and assets with access to Honeywell technical resources, hardware, and software upgrades

  • Optimize the performance, capacity, and availability of applications

  • Change applications to adapt to technology changes, process changes, and shifts in business conditions

  • Determine the pace and extent to which new software releases need to be adopted to take advantage of new capabilities.

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Major Refinery Achieves Control Optimization Benefits with Control Performance MonitorThe solution gave them the tools to optimize tuning on all their regulatory loops and extract more value from the control assets across their facilities.214.84 KB12 Sep 2011
Strategies for Achieving Optimal Gasoline BlendingStrategies and some techniques and the rationale behind each control method, certification method, waiver methodology, blend flexibility, blend frequency, and analytical equipment used in gasoline blending670.61 KB23 Jun 2011
Engen Petroleum Improves Plant Production Schedules and Maximizes Profitability with Honeywell’s RPMSEngen sought an innovative, yet simple-to-operate system for upgrading its overall refinery capability to improve production schedules and prepare for production of new products such as biofuels.698.18 KB11 Feb 2008
HPCL Improves Distribution Efficiency with Honeywell’s Supply Chain SolutionDescribes benefits that Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) derived by implementing Honeywell’s Supply and Distribution (SAND) tool to improve its inventory and distribution planning.93.23 KB15 Nov 2006
MOL Refinery Optimizes Blending Process with Honeywell SolutionContains how the MOL refinery in Százhalombatta, Hungary upgraded its existing Honeywell system to keep its key performance indicators within a certain range, to comply with environmental specifications, and to significantly decrease the sulphur content, quality giveaway and number of re-blends. 111.53 KB27 Sep 2006
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