Regulatory Compliance for Refining

Regulatory Compliance for Refining

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Increasing regulations related to water, air emissions and security and growing stakeholder demands for transparency and accountability are exerting pressure on refiners and petrochemical manufacturers to boost efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

​Honeywell’s governance, risk and compliance solutions help close the gap between strategy and execution and establish a clear path to long-term value. These risk and compliance solutions deliver a preventative, real-time approach to regulatory compliance and provide valuable insights into governance, risk and compliance best practices, thereby enabling greater efficiency and improved flexibility.
Honeywell helps refiners across the globe with energy and emissions management solutions to optimize and streamline environmental reporting, track emission credits/allowances, lower associated risk and achieve regulatory compliance. Its Energy and Emissions Management Solutions aid users in monitoring, reporting, analyzing and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while reducing costs.

Honeywell offers a wide range of products to help users meet emission monitoring requirements, track energy consumption against dynamic targets and lower energy intensity. Low emission burners and flare systems from Calllidus and Maxon help protect and preserve the environment, reducing harmful emissions through superior combustion technologies. In addition, Honeywell’s suite of Advanced Process Control (APC) and OneWireless solutions help optimize plant productivity and reliability, improving safety and security, and ensuring regulatory compliance. These solutions enable users to meet country-specific regulatory requirements to counter increasing threats to their critical infrastructure and provide a more proactive approach to securing user facilities.


 Honeywell Regulatory Compliance for Refining Products

    • DynAMo Documentation and Enforcement -- Master Alarm Database, Alarm Response Manual, and Alarm System Change Management tool with built in High Available Enforcement of alarm settings direct to the underlying control system.
    • DynAMo Metrics and Reporting -- DynAMo Metrics and Reporting is a system independent software that collects and stores all alarm and event data, monitors alarm system performance, and diagnoses alarm problems via intuitive reports.

To complement its market leading compliance solutions, Honeywell offers flexible and comprehensive service programs that begin with field surveys to understand users’ air and water quality, emissions and energy requirements to service programs for optimizing application performance and efficiency in all phases of the process lifecycle. 

Honeywell’s consulting support services help users understand compliance targets and design optimal systems to achieve these. Finally, Honeywell implements the system – either as a standalone solution or integrated into the existing setup – to monitor and report the emissions as required by the governing operating body. For refineries and aromatics complexes, UOP, a Honeywell Company, offers energy optimization studies. The modular service framework can be tailored to support the unique needs of any plant to help achieve its long-term objectives. 

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Major Refinery Achieves Control Optimization Benefits with Control Performance MonitorThe solution gave them the tools to optimize tuning on all their regulatory loops and extract more value from the control assets across their facilities.214.84 KB12 Sep 2011
Frontier Refinery - OneWireless success storySuccess Story: Frontier El Dorado Refinery Saves Time and Resources While Improving Decision Making with Honeywell OneWireless Solution 93.92 KB11 Jul 2011
Alon Relies on Honeywell’s Safety Manager to Meet Safety and Compliance StandardsAlon’s Big Spring refinery needed a way to protect and comply with a variety of strict safety standards and improve safety performance of its new heater system in the crude unit. After looking at several providers, Alon selected Honeywell’s Safety Manager.87.59 KB16 Nov 2006
MOL Refinery Optimizes Blending Process with Honeywell SolutionContains how the MOL refinery in Százhalombatta, Hungary upgraded its existing Honeywell system to keep its key performance indicators within a certain range, to comply with environmental specifications, and to significantly decrease the sulphur content, quality giveaway and number of re-blends. 111.53 KB27 Sep 2006
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