Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Refining

Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Refining

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​Automation control and infrastructure protection are critical areas of any plant operation. Honeywell’s next-generation control system, Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS), integrated with Safety Manager, creates a unified platform that offers a single operating view of safety and automation systems in plant operations while maintaining the required separation and redundancy.

The automation solution increases process availability, production and profitability of the plant, while ensuring safety and security of personnel, equipment and the plant environment.​

Honeywell’s wide range of security systems provides multiple layers of protection to avoid incidents in the plant and minimize impact to protect people and assets. Know-how from UOP, a Honeywell company, can also be incorporated in the design and layout of graphics, regulatory control strategies and Safety Manager.

​Honeywell’s core offering is Experion® PKS integrated with Safety Manager. Built on the proven Quadruple Modular Redundancy (QMR) platform, Safety Manager tightly integrates with Experion’s alarm and events capabilities, in addition to the plant’s Fire & Gas (F&G), Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and burner management systems (BMS). While maintaining functional safety separation, it is able to provide a single view access to the plant manager for easy analysis on an Experion station.

Honeywell’s comprehensive physical and cyber security product portfolio covers the protection of key assets such as property, people, and the environment as well as the preservation of different sets of criteria such as maintaining confidentiality of information, integrity of data and availability of systems. 

​Honeywell offers a range of engineering services, adding intelligence to the real-time system, managing operations and maximizing return on investment. It is the only automation service provider that continues to support products developed and installed more than 30 years ago. 

Services range from project engineering to migration and expansion, acting as the main automation contractor for new greenfield sites, managing the security of process control networks and maintaining field instrumentation, control systems and advanced applications to maximize availability and user’s business potential.

One of Honeywell's core service offerings is its integrated main automation contractor (I-MAC) approach that builds upon the foundation of traditional MAC to ensure operational and business readiness from day one of operations.

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Industrial Services Overview Brochure - April 2005Industrial Services Overview Brochure 541.51 KBBrochure7 Sep 2011
Integrated Main Automation Contracting Brochure - Sept 2007Integrated Main Automation Contracting Brochure 549.28 KBBrochure7 Sep 2011
Western Refining HUG WhitePaper.1Western Refining HUG WhitePaper.1315.93 KBWhitepaper7 Sep 2011
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S-OIL Improves Production Capacity and Decreases Energy consumption With Honeywell Profit Suite S-OIL selected the Honeywell Profit® Suite Advanced Process Control for the Onsan oil refinery complex 92.67 KB11 Nov 2011
Industrial Cyber Security Designs a Network Architecture for Noranda Income Fund Noranda Income Fund (NIF), a privately held zinc refinery, wanted advice about how to achieve a secure process network as well as the equipment that would be required to build this new network.326.36 KB19 Sep 2011
Control Performance Optimizer Enhances Control and Improves Nickel Dryer Throughput The refiner used Control Performance Optimizer to design, develop and simulate an improved control strategy for their ore drying process offline, then seamlessly implement it on their process.195.22 KB15 Sep 2011
Major Refinery Achieves Control Optimization Benefits with Control Performance MonitorThe solution gave them the tools to optimize tuning on all their regulatory loops and extract more value from the control assets across their facilities.214.84 KB12 Sep 2011
HPCL Improves Operator EffectivenessHPCL Improves Operator Effectiveness with Honeywell Hand-held Devices70.03 KB2 Aug 2011
Frontier Refinery - OneWireless success storySuccess Story: Frontier El Dorado Refinery Saves Time and Resources While Improving Decision Making with Honeywell OneWireless Solution 93.92 KB11 Jul 2011
Bangchak Petroleum Seamlessly Migrates to Experion and Improves PerformanceExperion Migration Success Story: Honeywell helped Thailand's Bangchak refinery migrate to Experion.104.9 KB10 Nov 2009
Honeywell Control Systems Help OMV Burghausen Succeed with Planned Refinery ShutdownSee how all objectives were realised in the context of a routine shutdown, thanks to exact preparations.125.26 KB17 Jan 2008
Russian Refinery Migrates from Bailey System to Experion to Improve PerformanceContains benefits, background, chN/Aenge faced and solution to improve performance by migrating from Bailey to Experion. Russian Refinery chooses Honeywell’s Bailey migration process to migrate from Bailey System to Experion to Improve Performance.2.96 MB25 Mar 2007
Irving Oil Case StudyIrving Oil Alarm Management Case Study87.94 KB1 Jan 2007
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