Competency Management

Competency Management

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Honeywell delivers its competency solutions in a way that works for your business. Choose from project-based programs to deliver defined training objectives and results or use our outcome-based offering focused on providing the changes you want to see in your operational performance indicators.

Our solutions are role-based, skills-focused and data-driven to deliver robust and results-driven competency programs.

Benefits from Honeywell’s Competency Programs

  • Save around 30% on time and costs compared to traditional On the Job training

  • Reduce time of startups from planned/unplanned shutdowns by 15-20%

  • Reduce time to competency by 50% and improve workforce retention by utilizing modern and engaging training approaches

  • Resolve issues faster through real-time on-demand remote collaboration

  • Utilize a cost-effective blended approach to learning using instructor led, eLearning, simulation, and on-the-job techniques

  • A single point of contact for all training facilitating a standardized approach



Honeywell competency solutions draw on a broad portfolio of products and services. With decades of experience and domain knowledge, it will help structure a program tailored based your workforce and operational needs.

Virtual Reality Solutions

Honeywell's Immersive Competency solutions are delivered using a virtual reality environment that simulates actual assets viewed though a headset device. Field personnel such maintenance technicians and engineers can practice tasks and procedures safely in the virtual environment. Task-based training enables trainees to practice core competencies and address rare but critical operating scenarios.

Immersive Field Simulator (IFS) & Immersive Competency (IC)

Honeywell IFS combines our cutting-edge Immersive Competency solutions with our market-leading expertise in operator training simulation (OTS), to create a unique and collaborative learning environment. It provides a virtual replica of the physical plant integrated with a digital twin of the process through our UniSim OTS. Field and panel operators can practice and train together on different plant operation and safety scenarios in a virtual and safe simulated environment.

Honeywell’s Immersive Competency (IC) offers just-in-time instruction and increased knowledge retention for new C300 and Safety Manager customers. It is a complete on-site, 24/7 learning solution for troubleshooting and training on the Honeywell C300 Controller & Safety Manager QPP and includes virtual hardware modeling and integration with Experion PKS (Experion® Station, Experion Server and Control Builder integration) and Safety System (Safety Builder).

On-the-Job Competency Assurance

Make your plant data work for you with On-the-Job Competency Assurance (OJCA). Honeywell uses advanced analytics to provide competency and behavior insights by linking operational data to workers actions.

With OJCA, workers’ actions help define best practices and generate benchmark to gauge worker behavior and competencies. It enables managers to evaluate workers’ performance over time, assessing the key outcomes from their behavior while they are working

On-the-Job Assistance through Intelligent Wearables

Honeywell Competency Management provides solutions that enable our customers to leverage their investments across multiple domains within their site.  Whether it’s the field technician who needs to talk to an expert, a field operator who needs immediate access to technical documentation or the need for automated workflows, Honeywell has a solution.

Honeywell’s Intelligent Wearable solutions deliver information and knowledge on demand, in the field the moment you need it.  Our solutions enable you to increase your worker productivity while enhancing safety, so you can maximize your plant performance

Training Delivery

Expert trainers and advanced learning tools combine to offer a cost-effective solution to accelerate competencies.  These could be in the form of traditional classroom-based teaching, on-site or at the Honeywell Automation College; to hands-on practice and assessments in the form of simulation and sand box solutions.

With options for Cloud-hosted train​ing modules and e-learning solutions, Honeywell provides opportunities for people to learn where and when it’s convenient. Remote solutions can eliminate travel and time away from work, providing a more efficient and effective training program.

Get Access to all Training Topics and Schedules

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ENTIS R120.1 Specification, ETDOC-X618-en-R120.1ENTIS is a unique Tank Inventory Management System developed for Windows 10 Enterprise and powered by Experion platform to display Tank inventory dataTech Spec29 Jul 2020
Honeywell-Thermal-Solutions-Complete-Combustion-Solutions-brochureEnd-to-end solutions and services to meet your thermal process requirementsBrochure24 Jul 2020
Food and Beverage Fyler- SLN700Part of the SmartLine® family of products, the SLN 700 is a high-performance 80 GHz non-contact radar level transmitter offering high accuracy and stability over a wide range of level applications.Brochure23 Jul 2020
Thermal-IQ-Brochure-ESConozca los datos de su proceso térmico para obtener mejores resultados en el negocioBrochure23 Jul 2020
Thermal-IQ-Brochure-FRAméliorez vos résultats commerciaux en boostant vos données de process thermiquesBrochure23 Jul 2020
Thermal-IQ-Brochure-ITGuadagni maggiori con l’utilizzo ottimale dei dati degli impianti per processi termiciBrochure23 Jul 2020
Honeywell-Thermal-Solutions-Low-Emissions-brochureREDUCING COMBUSTION EMISSIONS IN MANUFACTURING APPLICATIONSBrochure23 Jul 2020
PCN Hardening Service NotePCN Hardening Service NoteProduct Manual21 Jul 2020
Cybersecurity Whitepaper on Skill Gaps - Honeywell and ISS SourceCybersecurity Whitepaper on Skill Gaps - Honeywell and ISS SourceProduct Manual21 Jul 2020
AWL-Carbon-BlackSCN-WLDOC-X558-en-2011CAWL-Carbon Black_SCNProduct Manual15 Jul 2020
194 Documents FoundItems per page :
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System Inventory Tool R300.1 Product AnnouncementSystem Inventory Tool R300.1 Product Announcement137.43 KB16 Jul 2020
System Inventory Tool - Uploading an inventory data fileDescribes how to uploade the System Inventory Tool output file to the portal.157.33 KB1 Jul 2020
System Inventory Tool - New portal login processThis document outlines the new steps required to login to the System Inventory portal.384.8 KB18 Jun 2020
ServiceNote_Enhanced TotalCareHoneywell’s Enhanced TotalCare service contract provides a full package of services to accelerate troubleshooting, maintain accuracy and reduce risks to the gas measurement operation.180.96 KB20 Apr 2020
Service Note - Measurement as a ServiceHoneywell’s Measurement as a Service (MaaS) subscription-based service package takes the worry out of terminal measurements. For a fixed annual fee, MaaS includes the equipment, checks, inspections, verification, monitoring and maintenance you need for effective gas metering.724.26 KB20 Apr 2020
Asset Health Lifecycle Assesment - PINHoneywell’s Lifecycle Health Assessment tool is a free, secure web-based portal for our terminal, gas and modular systems customers and channel partners to gain an at-a-glance understanding of assets’ lifecycle stage, obsolescence risk and migration options.600.96 KB1 Apr 2020
HPS Spare Parts Online Store Launch FAQFrequently Asked Questions for customers on use of the HPS Spare Parts Online Store Feb. 202075.21 KB13 Feb 2020
UniSim Competency Suite R470 Release BulletinUniSim Competency Suite R470 Release Bulletin1.2 MB5 Feb 2020
System Inventory Tool - collecting inventory asset data from a TPS systemDescribes an importatn step of entering the MSID when collection data from a TPS system. This is commonly overlooked and will lead to data uploaded into the System inventory portal without an MSID.540.67 KB17 Jan 2020
What's new in the System Inventory PortalDetailed list of what has changed in the System Inventory Portal. This will be published on and linked from the portal to this document.3.81 MB25 Oct 2019
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SATURN POWER ADDRESSES ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND HIGH COSTS WITH HONEYWELL BATTERY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMFor a Canadian renewable and clean energy provider, an innovative battery energy storage system helped to address electric consumption requirements and reduce costs for customers while supporting a vision for a sustainable future. 24 Jul 2020
Honeywell's Smart Water Meters Transform Accuracy, Revenue and Leakage Performance in South AfricaThe installation of smart water meters in Jansenville, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, has helped reduce water leaks and enabled the municipality to capture water meter recordings accurately and efficiently.24 Mar 2020
Case Study - PCN Hardening - Middle Eastern Oil and Gas CompanyCase Study - PCN Hardening - Middle Eastern Oil and Gas Company11 Mar 2020
Honeywell's Water Meter Supports Accurate Real-Time Distribution Network AnalysisEvides Waterbedrijf incorporated the Q4000 electromagnetic meter into its standpipe measuring solution for recording turbidity, flow and GPS location, supporting accurate real-time measurement of water quality and control of the distribution network. 25 Feb 2020
Leading gypsum manufacturer implements Cyber Secure Connected Thermal Process Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Reliability Across the CorporationLeading gypsum manufacturer chose Honeywell Thermal Solutions to supply advanced tools to optimize control performance, support asset effectiveness and maximize equipment uptime, as well as provide expert application engineering services. 29 Oct 2019
Case Study: Honeywell Enables Energy Accounting Capabilities in Remote Offshore O&G ProductionUtilizing Honeywell Asset Performance Management (APM) software, Lundin Norway has deployed a novel method for reducing energy consumption on a North Sea O&G platform. The insight Lundin derives from Honeywell digital twins drives Lundin’s efforts to improve efficiency of their platform power systems, while also achieving entrenched goals to reduce CO2 emissions. 20 Sep 2019
Honeywell’s ControlEdge™ Gives Sinosteel the Flexibility Needed for its Rare Earth Pilot ProjectFor this heavy rare earth Browns Range Pilot Plant, developed by engineering, procurement and construction group Sinosteel, Honeywell was chosen to provide the control system, using its ControlEdge™ PLC and ControlEdge™ RTU hardware, as well as the control strategy configuration, HMI design and commissioning support.7 May 2019
Leading Chemical Company Optimizes Control - DuPont EIMDuPont case study for Spruance Works facility, use of Experion PKS and EIM.24 Jan 2019
DynAMo® Alarm Management Software Allows Dynegy to Eliminate Nuisance Alarms at Baldwin EnergyNuisance alarms were overwhelming the Energy Complex’s traditional printer-and-CRT control-room monitoring, as well as their operators. With hundreds or thousands of alarms during an upset, it became difficult for operators and management to clearly and quickly identify real problems through the noise.23 Nov 2018
ControlEdge RTU for Wellhaed ApplicationsRussian language version of RTU wellhead case study8 Nov 2018
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