Corrosion Solutions

Corrosion Solutions

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Honeywell offers software, technology and services to help industrial organizations detect and solve corrosion problems that can hinder their ability to operate safely at optimal levels. The solutions help users improve availability and productivity, and reduce downtime and costs. Honeywell’s corrosion solutions include: 

Prediction and Material Selection SoftwareSolve critical corrosion, cracking and materials selection problems for multiple industry verticals:

  • Oil and Gas Production 

  • Oil and Gas Transmission

  • Refinery Systems

  • Crude Units

  • Amine Units

  • Sour Water Systems

Real-Time Corrosion Prediction Software Enhance your Integrity Operating Windows (IOW) Program by adding Corrosion as a process variable. Corrosion prediction software is available for the following applications:
  • Refinery Crude Optimization

  • Sour Water Systems

  • Amine Units

  • Oil and Gas Production 

Corrosion Transmitters: Industry-leading, patented technology for fast and accurate measurement of:

  • Corrosion rate 

  • Localized corrosion potential (Pitting Factor).

  • Stern-Geary constant (B)

  • Corrosion Mechanism Indicator

Joint Industry ProgramsEngineering and research data/ model development to address critical, complex industrial corrosion / metallurgy problems.

Consulting and Testing ServicesStandard and tailored services include: 
  • H2S and sour service testing

  • High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) applications

  • Refinery corrosion

  • Crude oil corrosivity tests

  • Hydrogen embrittlement

  • Mechanical testing

  • Electrochemical testing

  • Standardized testing (NACE, ISO, ASTM and EFC).

Honeywell's Corrosion Solutions include the following products:

  • Predict RT  – Predict-RT is a novel, intelligent data analytics framework transforming the refining industry. Predict®-RT is Honeywell’s ‘Virtual Sensor’ framework for online corrosion rate predictions.
  • Predict 7.0- Prediction of corrosion rates for carbon steel in CO2 and H2S environments and erosion rates for carbon steel and other alloys in oil & gas production and transmission systems
  • Predict®-Amine 4.0 - Enables gas plants and refineries to predict and quantify corrosion in rich and lean amine systems and plan safe operating procedures.
  • Predict-Crude 2.0 - Enables accurate quantification of corrosion due to naphthenic acid and sulfidic corrosion to enable safe crude unit operations, giving refiners the confidence to work with opportunity crudes. 
  • Predict-Pipe 4.3 - Enables easy and accurate Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment of both dry gas (DG-ICDA) and wet gas (WG-ICDA) pipelines exposed to corrosive environments due to water accumulation.
  • Predict-SA 2.0  - Prediction and quantification of corrosion in sulfuric acid alkylation units as a function of sulfuric acid and Acid Soluble Oil (ASO) concentrations, temperature and various additional parametric variables
  • Predict-SW 3.0 – Prediction of corrosion rates for typical process plant materials in corrosive NH4HS environments.
  • Risk-IT 2.0 - Automates Risk Based Inspection (RBI) to help users quantify and manage corrosion-related risks, while prioritizing equipment inspections for Oil and Gas Surface Facilities
  • Socrates 10.0 - A comprehensive corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) material selection system for corrosive oil and gas applications, including Acidizing, Completion and Water Injection Environments
  • Strategy-A 4.0 - Targeted at upstream oil and gas environments, Honeywell’s Strategy-A 4.0 is an effective tool for evaluating cracking of steels in wet H2S service environments.
  • Sm artCET for Corrosion Monitoring -- Honeywell’s industry-leading SmartCET line of corrosion transmitters provide plant operators and corrosion specialists with near-instantaneous, highly-accurate measurements of both general and pitting corrosion activity.  

​Honeywell’s integrated approach to assessing corrosion and its effects includes expert services and evaluation based on in-depth knowledge and understanding of fundamental corrosion processes.


 Honeywell Corrosion Solutions Services

    • Corrosion Laboratory Services -- Corrosion and Materials Testing and Research utilize a state-of-the-art laboratory to safely test a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials in extreme conditions which helps in corrosion protection, minimizes losses and increase production.
    • Engineering Consulting Services -- Honeywell offers Engineering Consulting services to resolve plant and field corrosion problems whereby users benefit from cost-effective corrosion control procedures tailored to the unique needs of their particular operation or process plant.
    • Joint Industry Programs -- Honeywell’s Joint Industry Programs (JIPs) encompass specialized corrosion engineering and research services and are dedicated to the investigation of common industrial corrosion problems.
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Predict RT Brochure Predict RT BrochureBrochure8 Jun 2017
Predict-RT PINPredict-RT PINBrochure8 Mar 2017
Socrates91_PINSocrates 9.1 is a comprehensive material selection tool for corrosive oil and gas applications. Product Information Note25 Feb 2016
Predict-SW30-PINPredict-SW 3.0 is the only system of its kind, which provides plants an ability to predict corrosion in alkaline sour water systems and to select optimum metallurgy for them.Product Information Note25 Feb 2016
Predict-SA20-PINPredict-SA 2.0 is the only system of its kind, which provides plants an ability to predict/ quantify corrosion in sulfuric acid alkylation units and select optimum metallurgy for them.Product Information Note25 Feb 2016
Predict-Pipe4-1-PINPredict®-Pipe 4.1 is the latest release of the industry-leading pipeline corrosion evaluation software suite designed to accurately quantify corrosion in natural gas gathering and transmission pipeline systems.Product Information Note25 Feb 2016
Corrosion Prediction and Material Selection for Crude Corrosivity ApplicationsPredict-Crude 2.0 is the only system of its kind, which provides refineries to utilize opportunity crudes and assess safe boundaries for naphthenic acid and sulfidation corrosion. Product Information Note25 Feb 2016
Predict-Amine30-PINPredict®-Amine 3.0 is the only system of its kind, enabling Amine Unit operators in gas plants and refineries to predict/ quantify corrosion in rich amine systems and select optimum metallurgy for these corrosive applications. Product Information Note25 Feb 2016
Predict 6.1 - Corrosion Prediction for Carbon Steel Predict 6.1 is the latest upgrade to the industry-leading corrosion prediction software suite with new features and Microsoft Windows 10 compatibility.Product Information Note25 Feb 2016
Honeywell_Corrosion_Solutions-SNHoneywell Corrosion Solutions - Solution NoteProduct Information Note25 Feb 2016
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