Gas Industry Solutions

Gas Industry Solutions

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Better Ideas for Superior Safety and Performance

For more than 150 years, Honeywell has been bringing better ideas and technology to the gas industry for superior safety and performance. Honeywell’s gas industry solutions combine comprehensive safety and security solutions with complete lifecycle support for the production, processing, storage, pipeline transport and distribution of natural gas. From instrumentation and metering through performance management and compliance, Honeywell products also have full integration capability for best-in-class performance.

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Broad Portfolio of Integrated Solutions

Honeywell products are engineered for superior performance, safety and value. Its Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and automation solutions provide visibility across users’ operations for powerful efficiency and agility, while gas fiscal measurement and management solutions are closely integrated into the system for superior accuracy and regulation.

Honeywell’s solutions for the gas industry integrate safety and security, tight scheduling of operations and maintenance, and seamless management of distributed assets to improve the performance of the entire enterprise. With a focus on business results, Honeywell offers solutions that are aligned with users’ supply chain commitments and business goals.   


 Honeywell Gas Industry Solutions Products

    • Experion SCADA -- Experion SCADA is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
    • Gas Pressure Regulating and Metering Stations -- Honeywell offers a range of skid-mounted, pre-packaged gas pressure regulating and metering stations with safety features that ensure reliable gas control and supply in domestic and industrial environments.
    • Pipeline Security and Safety -- OptaSense provides cost-effective, round-the-clock security leak detection and condition monitoring of assets such as pipelines and site perimeters using standard telecommunications fiber optic cable.
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Integrated Automation Assessment Service NoteIntegrated Automation Assessment Service Note363.99 KBBrochure11 Sep 2020
Maxon PSCHECK Partial Stroke Technology BrochureMaxon PSCHECK Partial Stroke Technology Brochure573.04 KBBrochure13 Jun 2020
Honeywell Thermal Solutions Overview BrochureOverview of the products and services that Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers.2.13 MBBrochure23 Apr 2020
Uniformance-Process-Studio-PINFor External Use - April 20171.2 MBProduct Information Note3 Apr 2017
Advanced Formula Manager PINEngineering Calculations for Uniformance PHD, Made Easy802.79 KBProduct Information Note3 Apr 2017
Safeguards for Storage Suresh K Ravindran, HPS India, explores a design and implementation philosophy for tank storage overfill prevention.1.36 MBArticle Reprint20 Apr 2016
RTU2020 R110 SpecificationRTU2020 R110 Specification821.28 KBTech Spec24 Aug 2015
HPS Discover Oil and Gas BrochureHigh-level brochure covering our oil and gas portfolio.1.35 MBBrochure1 Jun 2015
PMC North America Gas BrochureHigh-level PMC brochure to address the NA Gas Market.5.52 MBBrochure15 May 2015
RTU2020 R101 SpecificationRTU2020 Specification383.29 KBTech Spec4 Nov 2014
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A Phased Approach: Upgrading to Orion for Improved OperationsA Phased Approach: Upgrading to Orion for Improved Operations245.33 KB14 Apr 2017
Integrated fire protection at Toromocho Minera ChinalcoIntegrated fire protection at Toromocho Minera Chinalco695.99 KB14 Apr 2017
Modernized Fire & Gas System Improves India Gas Plant Safety ONGC Integrates F&G Safety System with Plant-Wide Network to Upgrade Safety and Improve Operating Efficiencies.539.36 KB22 Mar 2017
Burner safety Management System at EnLink MidstreamWhen its heating system required a modern re-think EnLink turned to Federal Services LLC who responded with a solution that used Honeywell technology. 659.73 KB15 Feb 2017
Crystal Obtains Accurate Customer Billing Data with Gas Metering Management SolutionThe gas metering management (GMM) software and service package implemented by Honeywell at Friedeburger Speicherbetriebsgesellschaft mbH (i.e., “Crystal”) enables on-site and remote monitoring of gas metering stations, provides data analysis and facilitates remote maintenance. It reduces operational costs and improves the accuracy and reliability of gas measurements.192.31 KB26 Aug 2015
Sakhalin Energy Modernizes Molikpaq Offshore Platform with Experion® PKSThe Molikpaq offshore platform control system modernization was a challenging project - Geographically, this offshore location is subject to very difficult ambient environmental conditions; Technically this was the first installation of R430 in Russia, and the project involved a complex integration of Allen Bradley PLCs via RSLinx communications interface.217.06 KB6 Jul 2015
WINGAS and RMG Gas Pipeline Case StudyWINGAS Selects RMG by Honeywell for Revolutionary European Pipeline and Natural Gas Metering project.328.49 KB18 Aug 2014
TIGF Improves Security and Productivity with Experion SCADATIGF Improves Security and Productivity with Experion SCADA1.74 MB10 Jul 2011
Honeywell mobile equipment monitor low hour engine saveMobile Equipment Monitor Enables Maintenance Intervention322.19 KB20 Jun 2011
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