Honeywell Mercury Instruments for Natural Gas Industry

Honeywell Mercury Instruments for Natural Gas Industry

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Honeywell Mercury product line sets the standard for innovation in the design and manufacture of precision instruments for the natural gas industry. From wellhead to burner tip, Honeywell provides the finest instrumentation available to measure and monitor gas pressure, temperature, volume and flow, enabling users to exercise full control over their regulating and measuring needs.

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​Electronic Corrector Systems: These are micro-computers that calculate flow correction factors based on the pressure and temperature of natural gas flowing from one point to another.
  • EC 350 Gas Volume Corrector: Honeywell’s EC 350 PTZ gas volume correctors are purpose-built, UMB- and rotary-mount devices, which are intended to simplify and optimize custody transfer and industrial measurement. 
  • Mini-Max Volume Corrector: A high-precision volume corrector for basic volume measurement and correction.
  • Mini-Max Rotary Corrector: A fully featured Mini-Max electronic gas volume corrector specially adapted for direct mounting on to various rotary meters.
  • Mini-AT Volume Corrector: An electronic gas volume corrector for standard mounting on rotary, turbine and diaphragm gas meters that have a rotating shaft output.
  • Turbo Corrector: A fully-featured Mini-AT Electronic Corrector with an internal expansion board called the Turbine Interface Board (TIB).
  • Turbo Monitor: An electronic device designed to receive inputs from the main and sense rotors of the Auto-Adjust Turbo-Meter (AAT).  
  • TCI: An exceptionally accurate index and an ideal replacement for mechanical TC indexes. 

Smart Metering and Telemetry Solutions: Honeywell's smart metering and telemetry solutions measure, store and communicate data for greater efficiency, more reliable billing and capacity management, and compliance with current and anticipated regulations. With powerful, real-time data at their fingertips, users can improve business performance.
  • CNI2: A multi-channel wireless data logger with transparent modem capabilities for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) metering applications. 

  • CNI4: A 4G/LTE, battery-operated, easy to configure dual-channel pulse data logger designed to support most commercial & Industrial (C&I) smart metering/automatic meter reading (AMR) analog modem-based applications.

  • MI Wireless: The MI Wireless product line provides a comprehensive selection of communication hardware and power supply systems optimized to integrate with Mercury Instruments’ precision measurement instrumentation. 

  • SIP-CB: A four-channel data logger with integral GSM/ GPRS cellular modem. It provides portability while lowering overall operational and installation costs by having no wireline to install or maintain . 

Data Loggers and Electronic Pressure RecordersHoneywell offers accurate, reliable and field-proven data collection and measurement solutions for natural gas and other applications with a comprehensive lineup of data loggers and electronic pressure recorders. 

  • ERX 350: It is an end-of-Line, low pressure point, district regulator, system pressure monitoring, recording and alarming instrument.

  • Pulse Accumulator: A wall-mounted, battery-powered electronic recorder of low frequency pulses. It helps users meet their basic data collection needs via a modem and various other forms of wireless technology

Mechanical Recorders: Honeywell offers a proven lineup of Mechanical Chart Recorders which are economical solutions for recording pressure, temperature or volume to meet requirements for permanent paper documentation.  
  • Pressure Recorders: 8-inch and 12-inch chart recorders for pressure ranges from 0-10 inches of water to 0-5,000 pounds per square inch gauge. 
  • Volume Recorders: Meter-driven chart recorders for installation on large volume diaphragm, rotary and turbine meters. The major feature of these recorders is the volume oriented chart.
  • Temperature Recorders: 8-inch and 12-inch chart recorders for temperature range spans of 100 F (55°C) up to 1,000 F (550°C), and lower limit of -30 F (-34°C). 

Software: Honeywell’s data collection and software suite allows for easy, browser-based user interaction to remote monitoring and data management. 
  • PowerSpring: A data collection software suite that brings the power and flexibility of Microsoft’s SQL Server for data management and remote monitoring. 

  • Total Data Services: Integrates meter data management and smart metering technologies into a state-of-the-art Internet-based e-business and energy management platform. 

  • InvisiConnect: Universal connectivity solution that transparently and securely connects telemetry systems via cellular IP service.

  • SuiteSQL: A software suite that helps users derive the most value out of electronic instruments.  

  • Alarm-Link: An automated alarm monitoring software package that records, processes, and provides alarm notifications from electronic volume corrector or recorder.

  • MasterLink: It provides a single software package to configure, calibrate and access data from gas volume correctors. The software’s intuitive dashboard enables users to quickly determine the overall health status of instruments.

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