LEAP – A Paradigm Shift in Project Execution

LEAP – A Paradigm Shift in Project Execution

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LEAP™ is a paradigm shift in the way automation projects are implemented. Honeywell enhances its project implementation services with its three innovative, enabling technologies – Virtualization, Universal Channel Technology and Cloud Engineering – to revolutionize project execution.
Watch the LEAP video​ to learn more about this new approach. ​​

Honeywell offers a free ebook on how to improve capital efficiency and keep automation system projects off the critical path. Download now.    
Lean execution already entails removing waste, including redundant tasks and rework. LEAP further removes the traditional dependencies that used to force project flows 
to be sequential in nature, drastically improving the overall project schedule and keeping automation systems off the critical path. The methodology relies on separating 
physical from functional design, breaking down task dependencies, using standardized designs, and enabling engineering to be done from anywhere in the world. 

Honeywell estimates that LEAP can result in 30% capital savings on the total installed cost of a project as its benefits go beyond the automation scope across the entire project, including:

  • Reduced project schedule risk

  • Predictable construction costs

  • More efficient CAPEX

  • Earlier production dates. 

Download a free white paper to learn how LEAP enables late binding of project variables, flexible procurement and improved agility.


LEAP is possible due to three enabling Honeywell technologies - Universal Channel Technology, Virtualization and Cloud Engineering.

Universal Channel Technology and Virtualization technologies decouple the automation design and physical equipment, removing dependencies and allowing parallel workflows. They also allow for a level of standardization that has never existed before, thereby increasing procurement flexibility and allowing late binding. Cloud engineering allows the project team to interact with the system from anywhere in the world, reducing the cost of travel for design validation and factory acceptance testing.

  • Universal Process I/O - The Series C I/O family's Universal Process I/O modules are the first to use Universal Channel Technology to completely liberate process I/O and control cabinets from channel type hardware dependency.

  • Universal Safety I/O - Safety Manager’s Universal Safety I/O modules use Universal Channel Technology to allow immediate configuration to any I/O type without the need for additional hardware.

  • Virtualization - Honeywell's Experion virtualization solutions are the industry’s most complete portfolio of turnkey virtualization solutions for process automation.

  • Virtual Engineering Platform​ - Honeywell’s Virtual Engineering Platform (VEP) provides a secure, centrally hosted cloud environment to execute industrial automation projects.​ 

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Honeywell VersaFlow Flow Meters BrochureUpdated - As part of Honeywell’s broad lineup of field instruments, VersaFlow flowmeters are built to our exacting standards for quality, performance and reliability backed up by a comprehensive global support network.1.09 MBBrochure21 Apr 2021
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Terminals A360 - Service NoteTerminals A360 service contract.143.25 KBService Note17 Feb 2021
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Service Note - TotalCare Enhanced for GasHoneywell’s TotalCare Enhanced service contract provides a full package of services to accelerate troubleshooting, maintain accuracy and reduce risks to the gas measurement operation.101.52 KB4 Mar 2021
Service Note - TotalCare Lite for GasTotalCare Lite is a package of services to maintain your gas measurement equipment, including flow meters, flow computers, gas chromatographs, supervisory systems and pressure and temperature measurement devices120.92 KB4 Mar 2021
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Honeywell-Withdrawal-Notice-1010Ax-CJ-and-1010Ax-CB-Preset-Controller-EOL-Americas-EMEAHoneywell-Withdrawal-Notice43.88 KB30 Mar 2020
PIN_Honeywell_Experion_TerminalManagerProduct information notes for Experion Terminal Manager solution960.66 KB15 Jan 2020
Honeywell Marine Remote Services - Service NoteHoneywell Marine introduces a proven methodology using state of art remote connectivity to your vessel enabling Honeywell experts to oversee the issue remotely, perform diagnostics and help speedy resolution.562.25 KB21 May 2019
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Honeywell Deploys Renewables Technology at New Solar Park - Case StudyWolvega Case Study609.43 KB7 Jun 2021
Honeywell Case Study - Primagaz Gasol SwedenLoading case study705.44 KB4 Mar 2021
Case Study-TDC2000 Hiway and Safety System Upgrade at MOL HungaryAt Hungary’s only crude oil refinery, a well-planned approach to control system and safety system migration extended the life of technology investments, expanded automation capabilities, and replaced legacy assets with a reliable and supportable system.Read the case study to know more. 1.99 MB12 Feb 2020
UNILUBE Uses UPC for Expansion of Lube Oil Plant With the Honeywell Universal Process Cabinet (UPC), United Lube Oil Company successfully commissioned a new lube oil plant in a short period within a tight turnaround schedule with reduced CAPEX.301.78 KB24 May 2018
IIoT offshore case study infographicThis is what IIoT by Honeywell looks like: offshore case study infographic157.54 KB1 Jan 2016
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