Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions

Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions

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Honeywell’s Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions are a comprehensive and truly integrated suite of safety and security solutions. They deliver Safety Shutdown, Fire & Gas, Physical and Cyber Security, Personnel Protection, Business Continuity and Alarm Management holistically across process facilities. They include independent, yet interrelated, layers of protection to prevent, detect and mitigate​ potential safety and security risks and threats. Together, these solutions ensure that process, plant, people and environment are safer and more secure than ever before

Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Meaningful information to decision makers in industrial environments

  • Increased protection through a layered approach

  • Risk events business continuity and response management for worker protection

  • Increased situational awareness

  • Improved decision-making for faster response to incidents

  • Historical data collection and trending for root cause analysis

  • Eliminate islands of automation

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Enhanced safety and work environment security 

Honeywell's Integrated Protective Solutions comprise: 

​​Safety Systems: Honeywell’s safety systems improve operational safety and security as well as plant performance by reducing the risk of safety incidents and cost of compliance, and maximizing production uptime. Safety systems include burner management systems, fail-safe controller, and Safety Manager.


Process Safety Suite: Honeywell Process Safety Suite (PSS) is a comprehensive solution that fully automates the process safety lifecycle, helping to reduce errors, lower costs, continuously monitor operations for hazardous conditions, and provide safety alerts in a timely fashion.


Digitized Workforce Management: Honeywell’s Digitized Workforce Management (DWM) is an advanced, fully integrated workforce management solution to help you improve productivity, safety, pandemic vigilance and response, and compliance across the organization. 

Pandemic Layer of Protection: Honeywell pandemic vigilance and response management is an integrated solution empowering people, communities and businesses to mitigate risk, providing safer living and back to work environment for industry.

Integrated Fire and Gas Solution: Honeywell’s integrated fire and gas solution includes fire detectors, fire alarm panels, fire suppression systems, gas detectors, sounders, beacons and other safety systems.

Industrial Security Solutions: Honeywell offers a spectrum of physical security solutions for industrial facilities with a complete core offering tightly integrated seamlessly to users' control systems.

Industrial Cyber Security Solutions: This portfolio of end-to-end solutions helps plants and critical infrastructure sectors defend the availability, reliability and safety of their industrial control systems and plant operations.

Industrial Wireless SolutionsOneWireless™ Solutions comprise Honeywell’s wireless field instruments, mobile computing devices, wireless networks, advanced applications and facility management applications. 
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Entry Management Portal FlyerHoneywell Entry Management Portal is an innovative solution providing safer, more secure entry at industrial and commercial sites, live event spaces, work areas, and high-risk essential services and communities.Brochure12 Nov 2020
Entry Management Portal-PINHoneywell Entry Management Portal provides industrial organizations, site owners and civic leaders a portable, effective way for safer entry to help protect employees, workers, contractors, visitors, and community membersProduct Information Note12 Nov 2020
Experion Flare Watch-PINHoneywell Experion® Flare Watch Suite provides a solution for efficient flare monitoring and recording.Product Information Note28 Oct 2020
Process Safety Suite with Forge OSA -PINProcess Safety Suite with Forge OSA -PINProduct Information Note24 Jul 2020
Process Safety Suite For Greenfield-InfographicProcess Safety Suite Infographic For Greenfield ProjectsBrochure13 Jul 2020
Process Safety Suite-For Brownfiled-InfographicProcess Safety Suite infographic -For Brownfiled projectsBrochure13 Jul 2020
Process Safety Suite-For Brownfield BrochureProcess Safety Suite brochure for Brownfield projectsBrochure13 Jul 2020
Process Safety Suite For Greenfield-BrochureProcess Safety Suite Brochure - For Greenfield projectsBrochure13 Jul 2020
Rebellion Gas Cloud Imaging-PINRebellion Gas Cloud Imaging-PINProduct Information Note13 Jul 2020
Maxon PSCHECK Partial Stroke Technology BrochureMaxon PSCHECK Partial Stroke Technology BrochureBrochure13 Jun 2020
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PIN_Honeywell_Experion_TerminalManagerProduct information notes for Experion Terminal Manager solution960.66 KB15 Jan 2020
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Honeywell’s Integrated Control and Safety Systems for Wison FLNGAs the general contractor of the FSRU project, Wison Offshore & Marine faced a major challenge to achieve control and monitoring of ships and process units through an integrated design. 30 Jul 2018
Integrated Fire Protection at Toromocho Minera ChinalcoWith Honeywell’s fire protection systems the Toromocho Minera Chinalco project in Peru has reinforced plant safety, and met all local and international regulations and safety standards. 12 Jan 2017
A Phased Approach: Upgrading to Orion for Improved OperationsKnow how this upgrade helped The China National Offshore Oil Co. Ltd. (CNOOC) in improving operations through powerful functions backed by timely and detailed technical services.1 Dec 2016
Life Safety: Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for ZADCO’s Zirku Island FacilityRead how the new Fire Detection and Alarm system has improved safety, security, productivity, profitability at ZADCO’s Zirku Island Facility.22 Sep 2016
Integrated Fire & Gas upgrade Improves Safety at Ambarli Power PlantHoneywell's integrated fire & gas solutions improve plant safety, security and profitabilty at EUAS Ambarli power plant.26 Aug 2016
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