Ultrasonic Metering Solutions

Ultrasonic Metering Solutions

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Small errors in custody transfer metering quickly accumulate to mean big losses from unaccounted gas flow. With volatile prices and tight margins for natural gas, operators need the best metering solutions to reduce uncertainty and promote efficient operations.

Honeywell ultrasonic metering solutions minimize uncertainty, maximize reliability and boost efficiency to meet the challenges of a tough business environment. We provide the accuracy and insight that is required to deal with low prices, volatility, a broad hydrocarbon mix, and increasing numbers of pipelines, some with contaminated natural gas.


Honeywell offers a free ebook on “Does your metering measure up?” A guide to investing in ultrasonic metering .   

With better USM solutions for custody transfer and verification, we help gas transmission companies, underground gas storage businesses, and the LNG industry run more profitable operations:

  • Eliminating the costs of undetected measurement errors

  • Reducing downtime

  • Lowering maintenance costs

With the Honeywell's ultrasonic meters (USMs) and software, you can reduce product that’s lost and unaccounted for, reduce recalibrations, implement condition-based maintenance, and diagnose problems sooner to avoid costly repairs.


Honeywell ultrasonic meters offer market-leading solutions for every measurement need. Helping achieve the perfect balance of performance and efficiency, our range of options and supporting technology gives the certainty your operation requires.

Designed in the lab to perform in the realities of the field, our ultrasonic meters use patented six- or eight-path configurations for detailed flow profile recognition, superb noise immunity, and unrivaled pressure and gas velocity abilities.

Q.Sonicmax: The new benchmark in accuracy for custody transfer

The world’s first eight-path meter combining both reflective and direct measurements delivers the lowest possible uncertainty in the most demanding operations. Where accuracy is vital, Q.Sonicmax delivers industry-leading performance.

Q.Sonicplus: The multipath custody transfer standard

A patented path configuration enables measurement of both swirl and asymmetry to deliver excellent profile recognition and diagnostic possibilities. Users can choose to include internal pressure and temperature measurement, too.

TwinSonicplus: Two independent measurements in a single device

One meter body houses a meter for custody transfer with an additional, totally independent measurement to check the primary reading. It’s a smaller, more efficient answer for applications where a second measurement is vital for on-going monitoring and verification.

Meascon™: Software for measurement control

Providing 24/7 condition based monitoring of the measurement systems, Meascon delivers a diagnostic dashboard for real-time visibility and control of all you gas metering stations.

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Measurement-IQ-Interactive-InfographicMeasurement IQ Interactive Infographic2.65 MBBrochure11 Oct 2018
Brochure-Measurement IQ for Gas-LTRBrochure-Measurement IQ for Gas-LTR679.2 KBBrochure27 Jul 2018
Brochure Measurement IQ for GasLeveraging the Power of Connected, Measurement IQ for Gas provides real-time, round-the-clock visibility of your metering assets and puts you in control.783.54 KBBrochure13 Jun 2018
Series 6 - Safety Instructions73023465 A EN UFM Series 6 - Safety Instructions1.82 MBProduct Manual8 May 2018
SonicExplorer Manual 73023308_A_EN UFM Series 6 - SonicExplorer Software Manual - Version MBProduct Manual9 Jan 2018
Q.Sonic-max DatasheetQ.Sonic-max Datasheet233.74 KBBrochure9 Jun 2017
Meascon DatasheetMeascon Datasheet228.48 KBBrochure5 Jun 2017
Ultrasonic Metering Overview BrochureA portfolio of natural gas metering systems (USM) and services tailored to the demanding needs of the midstream.1.02 MBBrochure25 May 2017
Q.Sonic-plus BrochureUltrasonic Flow Meter for Natural Gas Custody Transfer Measurement1.89 MBBrochure25 May 2017
QSonic Plus DataSheetQSonic Plus DataSheet240.17 KBBrochure12 Jan 2017
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