Secure Media Exchange for Safe and Productive use of Removable Media across Industrial Facilities

Secure Media Exchange for Safe and Productive use of Removable Media across Industrial Facilities

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Securely use the removable media you depend on today while safeguarding your industrial process from cyber threats of tomorrow.

Most operations managers would agree that it is virtually impossible to run today’s industrial process facilities without the use of removal media such as USBs or flash drives. They are one of the principal methods of applying software updates to industrial process equipment. Yet it cannot be denied that they introduce potential security risks. In fact, according to a research by Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security, more than 39% of malware found on industrial control systems was propagated using a USB port. As such, managers of today's industrial facilities are challenged with balancing their operational performance objectives with securing industrial processes from emerging cyber threats.

However, current security solutions have so far, failed to adapt to operational realities, are costly and burdensome, and do not help navigate changing digital-industrial plant networks. But all this is about to change with the introduction of - Honeywell Secure Media Exchange (SMX), an intelligent solution, by Honeywell Process Solutions, which protects facilities from USB-borne attacks and reduces cybersecurity risk, while also limiting operational disruption within industrial organizations.


How it does, what it does

Secure Media Exchange reduces cyber security risk and limits operational disruptions by monitoring, protecting, and logging use of removable media throughout industrial facilities. It works by -

  • Comparing files on a USB to an evergreen repository of industrial vulnerabilities and threat

  • Authorizes and monitors its use throughout the plant, all in a matter of minutes when a service engineer signs into to a facility

  • Monitoring the usage of the removable media throughout the site

  • Disabling any removable media from usage that has not gone through the SMX gateway

  • Disabling any USB port on any device without the SMX agent

SMX security checks involve a powerful combination of intelligence feeds and multiple types of industrial threat detection techniques, as well as Honeywell Cyber Security Lab researcher updates.

The benefits that you enjoy with SMX guarding your removable media:

  • Reduces site disruptions caused by malware and other security threats transmitted via USB

  • Protects plant operations by allowing safe USB equipment updates

  • Reduces the risk of malicious exploitation of USB ports

  • Limits the time horizon for new attacks to be launched against operations

  • Enforces security policy by disabling unchecked devices

  • Modernizes plant security by combining a user-friendly USB scanning kiosk with secure, cloud-based industrial threat updates

  • Simplifies compliance by providing logs of removable media activity and users

  • Improves service update productivity by simplifying cyber security check-in and check-out procedures

  • Provides unparalleled visibility into removable media risk when combined with Honeywell Risk Manager

SMX secures your industrial process from cyber threats of tomorrow. If your staff needs assistance with SMX administration and analysis, Honeywell can help. Our Managed Industrial Cyber Security Services offering includes remote support that helps maximize the benefits of SMX. We also offer onsite professional services delivered by a global team of industrial cyber security experts. Read more on Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security offerings here.


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