Now Order Spare Parts Online

Now Order Spare Parts Online

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Customers can now search for parts, check prices, get quotes, finalize orders and review order history, all with the click of a mouse.


1. Log in to the website to begin. If you are new to our website, register here. 

2. Once logged in, click on the Buy Now tab. You will now be able to view products and request for quotes. 

3. Upgrade your access to be able to place an order. 

Spare parts can be ordered online on, including for: 

  • Experion control systems

  • Upgrade Kits

  • Quality Control Systems for Paper and Continuous Web Solutions

  • Safety Management Systems 

  • TPS DCS systems

  • Certified Recycled Parts

  • Configured Kits & Enhancements (Quote-only features) 

Buy Honeywell Spare Parts Online

With logins to, multiple users can be added and permitted to order replacement parts for their facility online. User control allows the site to assign appropriate levels of authorizing purchases, and users responsible for more than one site can also be associated with multiple sites. 

The online store provides visibility into pricing, order history, shipping details and payment processes online.

Online ordering is convenient and allows for multiple users within an organization to request quotes, prepare orders and be confident in pricing and enroute shipping information 24/7/365 days of the year.

Additional features include: 

  • Your Pricing - No longer worry about whether the price should be different based on your Honeywell agreement. The prices you see are discounted with the terms of your specific agreement. 

  • Order Visibility - Know what has been ordered and see shipping information. View order history, check on current orders status and have clear visibility into shipments and when they are on their way. 

  • Get the Right Parts - Be confident you’re ordering the right parts. See the parts themselves with clear photographs for the most common items, and if the part you’re looking for has been updated, you will be immediately directed to the new part number. Ordering a larger number of items? Import your parts list from a Microsoft® Excel® file and have your shopping cart created instantly.

  • Prepare Quotes for Review - Any registered user can create quotes without making a phone call. Share the quote via email or via the online store for review. Then send to the Purchasing department or buyer to place the order. Online quotes provide a 30-day price protection and can be reviewed online. 

  • Payments Your Way - Pay for your spare parts order with your contracts’ Parts Replacement entitlement, or by Purchase Order. Both are accepted online without an additional phone call.

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