ControlEdge Family of Controllers Introduced at Honeywell User Group

ControlEdge Family of Controllers Introduced at Honeywell User Group

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Honeywell is introducing several new releases using our new ControlEdge™ technology, a next generation family of controllers providing secure connectivity through all levels of process and business functions, optimized operations, and maintenance efficiencies to meet our customers’ diverse automation needs.  These controllers complement the C300 and Series-C platform used in our Experion® distributed control system (DCS), to provide a fully integrated automation solution to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Learn more about this growing controller family by viewing this video .


Experion® Unit Operations Suite leverages a new ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller along with Experion Batch Manager to optimize pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and food & beverage applications.  It will be used primarily in continuous and batch-related applications where operators want a traditional DCS solution in a compact form factor.  Read more on the product page.

ControlEdge™ RTU provides improved management of field assets through simplified and efficient remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management. It reduces equipment monitoring and diagnostics from hours to minutes.  Integration with Experion® SCADA reduces configuration time by 80%.  The latest release, R140, includes expansion I/O, controller redundancy, electronic flow metering (EFM) for gas, wireless I/O, and HART-enabled I/O.  Liquids EFM will be added in a release later in the year.  Learn more on the product page.

ControlEdge™ PLC was recently announced.  When combined with Experion®, it reduces integration costs for balance of plant operations, minimizes downtime, decreases cyber security risk, and extends system lifecycle.  Find more information, go to the product page.

ControlEdge™ HC900 was announced late last year.  It is A SIL2 process and safety system offering cost-effective thermal and safety control with simplified maintenance and efficiency. Find more information on the product page.


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