ControlEdge RTU is Your Edge to Improved Management of Distributed Assets

ControlEdge RTU is Your Edge to Improved Management of Distributed Assets

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ControlEdge™ RTU provides improved management of field assets through simplified and efficient remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management. It reduces equipment monitoring and diagnostics from hours to minutes, and integration with Experion® SCADA reduces configuration time by 80%. 

The latest release, R140, includes expansion I/O, controller redundancy, electronic flow metering (EFM) for gas, wireless I/O, and HART-enabled I/O.  Liquids EFM will be added in the R150 release later in the year.  Liquids EFM will be added in the R150 release later in the year. 

ControlEdge RTU can be used in applications such as well-head monitoring and control, data concentrators, gas flow metering, block-valve automation, and pump and compressor control, as well as in mining and water distribution and wastewater treatment.

Our RTU features increased availability through native controller redundancy – no switch is required for I/O communication – as well as an onboard wireless I/O solution that integrates ISA100 instruments. No specialized module is needed for a seamless configuration environment for wired and wireless I/O.   

In addition, a HART-enabled expansion I/O module provides an extension to the 28 onboard I/O. This solution meets multi-well needs in the oil and gas field where additional I/O modules are required. The RTU also provides electronic flow metering for gas according to API 21.1 with per meter run licensing. The flow calculations have been independently validated against AER Directive 17.

ControlEdge RTU is designed to withstand harsh environments and for easy deployment at remote sites. Integration with Experion® SCADA provides efficient remote management across hundreds to thousands of RTUs.  Honeywell’s solution reduces equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes.

Additional benefits include:

  • Remote maintenance of instruments greatly reduces travel to the field

  • Low power consumption makes it ideal for solar power installation 

  • Built-in HART IO with Field Device Manager integration 

  • Removable and plug-in terminal blocks simplify wiring and reduce time for cabinet assembly. 

Integrated Solution Simplifies Configuration

Combining the new Honeywell RTU2020 remote terminal unit (RTU) with Experion SCADA gives you vision into realizing the production potential of your distributed assets. Experion SCADA radically simplifies configuration over thousands of assets, and improves operational efficiency with a superior human-machine interface (HMI). Distributed system architecture (DSA) allows multiple Experion SCADA servers to operate as one within a single asset or across the enterprise. 

With Experion SCADA, operators and controllers benefit from:

  • Equipment-based configuration

  • Automatically generated displays

  • State-of-the-art user interaction such as pan and zoom displays

  • Dashboard style presentation

  • Task-based filters that focus attention on what is important.

You can find additional information on our product web page.

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