Experion Orion Console - The control room of the future available today

Experion Orion Console - The control room of the future available today

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The Experion® Orion Console is one of the deliverables from Honeywell’s Control Room of the Future development program.  This ongoing multi-phase program includes offerings to address situational awareness, operator effectiveness and collaboration to solve process issues. 

Honeywell experts spent nearly a year studying control rooms around the world, working directly with operators in multiple regions, different vertical markets, and in new and old plants. Observations revealed the need to reduce operator fatigue, improve situational awareness, increase speed of response, and ease installation.  Insights from observations and feedback directly influenced the final design. 

The Experion Orion Console increases operator effectiveness over a greater scope of responsibility.

  • Large ultra-high definition screens allow flexible layouts of overview and detail displays as well as related applications and video.

  • Advanced Display Technology integrates operating limits and targets directly into overview displays for at-a-glance status assessment and process operation closer to the optimum.

  • Predetermined displays for context-specific process issues, advanced alarm management, pan and zoom and touchpad capability allow better prevention and analysis of abnormal situations. 

  • Ergonomic design improves operator comfort and reduces fatigue.

This combination of technologies increases situational awareness and faster response to changing conditions.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved operator effectiveness

  • Faster, more effective navigation

  • Health & safety compliance

  • Comfortable & alert operators

  • Bundled solution from a single supplier

  • Effective cable management

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