Implement Automation Projects Faster, More Efficiently with Experion PKS Orion

Implement Automation Projects Faster, More Efficiently with Experion PKS Orion

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With the latest version of Experion® PKS Orion, industrial plants can implement automation projects faster and more efficiently, while easily managing daily operations. Experion PKS Orion enables a shift in project implementation strategies and deploys new approaches such as virtualization and Universal Channel Technology, along with Honeywell's project implementation services and the cloud to design projects remotely.

Instantly and Remotely Configure Process and Safety I/O with Universal Channel Technology

Experion PKS Orion is the only industrial process system using Universal Channel Technology to allow instant, remote configuration of both process and safety I/O without additional hardware, thereby permitting the use of standardized cabinets. Universal I/O modules reduce equipment requirements and footprint, and can be quickly configured for multiple channel types. Now, late stage design changes can be handled more efficiently.

Reduce Hardware Footprint and System Lifecycle Management Costs with Virtualization

Experion PKS Orion is the first system to use blade server technology for advanced virtualization capabilities. With a reduction in the amount of computer hardware required to run Experion, there is a corresponding reduction in the space, power, cooling and maintenance required. Leveraging virtualization during project execution allows upfront hardware requirements to be delayed so that hardware is more current when the project is handed over.

Simplify Operations and Focus on What’s Important with Experion SCADA and Experion Collaboration Station

Experion Collaboration Station and Experion SCADA’s superior Human-Machine Interface (HMI) provide teams with the ability to share information across geographically dispersed locations and simplify operations over thousands of assets. Equipment-based configuration requires minimal effort by using best practice templates containing not just the SCADA points, but the entire operator interface. Experion SCADA reduces asset configuration time by 80%, and reduces equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes. In addition, dashboard style presentation and task-based filters focus attention on what’s important.

With the Experion Collaboration Station, users can display both business and process information in a common view supporting faster resolution of routine or abnormal situations. Additionally, Honeywell is the only automation vendor to incorporate Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium principles in its design for superior HMI and situational awareness.

Improve Engineering and Operations Flexibility

Related interoperability improvements providing engineering and operations flexibility include:

  • expanded options with Profibus PA and Ethernet IP

  • modernization of legacy controllers while protecting users’ intellectual investment

  • unified operations with Distributed System Architecture (DSA) Events and System Alarm Routing.

No Disruption to Operations with Seamless, On-Process Migration

All this is available to existing users without having to shut down their process. Honeywell’s commitment to continuous evolution provides for a smooth migration path to today’s newest technology through on-process migration when the time is right for you.

Experion PKS Orion continues to lead the way in utilizing process knowledge, making your team more flexible and efficient. 

For more information, please visit To learn more about project efficiency with Experion PKS Orion, please visit the Lean Execution of Automation Projects (LEAP) page. In addition, you can download a free white paper about LEAP here


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