Experion PKS Orion – Faster Project Implementation and Lifecycle Investment Optimization

Experion PKS Orion – Faster Project Implementation and Lifecycle Investment Optimization

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Faced with a variety of economic, technical and logistical challenges, industrial users are required to balance safety, productivity and profitability more than ever before. Experion® PKS Orion, the latest release of Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), is designed to address these requirements. Armed with several firsts and a host of new features, it ensures faster project implementation and lifecycle investment protection.

Introducing Universal Channel Technology – Remote configuration is now simpler

Experion PKS Orion is the first industrial process system to use Universal Channel Technology to liberate safety and process I/O, as well as the control cabinets, from channel type dependency. Universal Channel Technology allows remote configuration of process and safety I/O without requiring additional hardware. Users can now reduce project risks and delays with the ability to make last-minute changes remotely, instead of having to make hardware changes in the field. Work that was earlier completed in days and weeks can now be accomplished in minutes.

The Industry’s most Comprehensive Portfolio of Turnkey Virtualization Solutions

Experion PKS Orion comes equipped with a complete virtualization solution that includes the most advanced and complete package of hardware, software, skills, guidance and best practices, training and support from Honeywell. Experion virtualization solutions benefit both customers implementing new projects as well as those who want to get more out of their existing operations.

For those building new plants, Experion virtualization solutions can extend design freeze dates, delay hardware purchases and provide the option of virtual Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to validate configurations remotely.

For existing customers, Experion virtualization solutions reduce system lifecycle management costs by as much as 30 percent through:

• non-disruptive hardware upgrades

• insulation of operating system to computer hardware dependencies

• simplified maintenance and provisioning of control system computer nodes

• more efficient upgrades,

• greatly reduced physical node count and increased system availability.

First process control system to achieve ISA99 certification

The Experion platform is the first distributed control system to achieve ISA99 certification, which assures manufacturers that Experion PKS Orion meets the industry’s most-rigorous cyber security standards.

And there’s more…

Experion PKS Orion also brings:

• Enhancements to Experion Batch Manager: Experion Batch Manager is the fastest and most intelligent batch control solution with the ability to increase availability and throughput by executing a complete procedure in a redundant controller.

• Operator Effectiveness Solutions: These include leading edge capabilities for operator management of alarms and improvements in human factors.

• New, Improved Safety Manager: Enhancements include even tighter integration with Experion PKS Orion, and a new Universal Safety Logic Solver able to execute the safety application independently in a remote module, perfectly suited to geographically distributed installations.   

For more details, visit the Experion PKS Orion page.