Manage Pipelines and Upstream Oil & Gas Assets with Experion SCADA and Honeywell RTU2020

Manage Pipelines and Upstream Oil & Gas Assets with Experion SCADA and Honeywell RTU2020

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Experion® SCADA radically simplifies configuration over thousands of assets, and improves operational efficiency with a superior human-machine interface (HMI). Distributed system architecture (DSA) allows multiple Experion SCADA servers to operate as one within a single asset or across the enterprise. This new release can be used as a standalone system, and also adds cutting-edge enhancements to Experion PKS.​

With Experion SCADA, pipeline operators and controllers benefit from:

  • Equipment-based configuration

  • Automatically generated displays

  • State-of-the-art user interaction such as pan and zoom displays

  • Dashboard style presentation

  • Task-based filters that focus attention on what is important.


Integrated Solution Simplifies Management of Pipeline and Upstream Oil & Gas Assets

Combining the new Honeywell RTU2020 remote terminal unit (RTU) with Experion SCADA gives you “perfect 20/20 vision” into realizing the production potential of your distributed assets through efficient remote monitoring, diagnostic and asset management capabilities. This modular and scalable controller offers unique capabilities such as built-in HART I/O with Field Device Manager integration, allowing remote maintenance of instruments and greatly reducing travel to the field.

The RTU2020 is designed for harsh environments with easy deployment and maintenance at remote sites. It can be used in applications such as well-head monitoring and control; data concentrators; gas flow metering; block-valve automation; and pump and compressor control.

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