Industrial IT Solutions – A Systematic and Holistic Approach to Security

Industrial IT Solutions – A Systematic and Holistic Approach to Security

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Process industries face growing industrial cyber security risks today due to a variety of factors, including:

• Increased requirement for accessibility and tighter linkage between business and process information

• Complex array of tools and best practices

• Targeted malicious cyber security threats

• Increase in industry and government regulations or standards

• Increased emphasis on uptime, availability, and reliability. 


Vendor-Neutral Approach to Industrial Cyber Security is Now Here

With the launch of Industrial IT Solutions, Honeywell now offers a systematic approach to security that includes services, best practices and tools to secure industrial control systems regardless of the vendor and location. Industrial automation facilities can now benefit from comprehensive security program management, instead of opting for piecemeal technology and service implementations. 

Reducing the Complexity in Cyber Security Management

Industrial users today have myriad industrial cyber security tools ranging from anti-virus protection to intrusion detection at their disposal. However, this complex industrial IT environment requires constant management, especially as business and security landscapes undergo changes, to truly deliver returns on users’ investments.
Honeywell’s Industrial IT Solutions minimize this complexity by selecting best-in-class offerings and verifying their applicability for users’ process control environment. As tools change and new technologies are introduced, Honeywell experts make appropriate adjustments to the tools mix and ensure ongoing management of systems and technology, including workflow implementation, anti-virus and patch management services, and perimeter management. Support services cover regular tuning of security tools as well as system health and performance monitoring. 

Holistic, Long-Term Approach to Security

With an understanding of industrial users’ information accessibility requirements, Honeywell experts conduct security infrastructure assessments that cover network vulnerabilities, network design, regulatory compliance, general adherence to best practices, and readiness to move forward. This holistic view of a user’s site and operations helps prevent potential oversights, eliminates conflicts, and helps develop a long-term security strategy.

Next-Generation Software & Program Management

The next generation of security tools is not going to be a single technical solution but rather an aggregation and collaboration tool that ties together multiple data sources in order to provide a holistic overview of the current security/risk profile. Honeywell is developing a management tool that will enable users to tap into their existing security data to correlate pertinent information and to act on threats as they emerge.

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