Honeywell’s Latest Experion PKS Orion Release Further Optimizes Project Execution and Performance

Honeywell’s Latest Experion PKS Orion Release Further Optimizes Project Execution and Performance

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Honeywell’s Experion PKS is all About Connecting People

Experion® PKS was the first enterprise-wide solution to merge disparate functions, systems and knowledge to integrate people with processes, business requirements, and asset management for superior performance. The result is one unified architecture for all process control, safety systems, and advanced application software—with a consistent HMI across everything.

The Latest Experion PKS in the Orion Trilogy of Releases

The latest Experion PKS Orion is the world’s most advanced, open and cyber secure control system on the market today. Our new IIoT-ready release further optimizes LEAP™ project execution with Automated Device commissioning that enables late binding of devices with loop configuration created in the cloud.

Open System Integration

Honeywell’s advancements in open system integration have led to new capabilities such as applying Experion for electrical system control and management, multivariable APC in the controller, wireless HART, and automated skid integration via SCADA.

  • Auto Device Commissioning with Smart Test reduces loop commissioning time from hours to minutes.

  • Experion for Electrical System Control and Management allows you to integrate your ECMS with your process control

  • system, with one control system with one HMI. 

  • Experion Profit Controller in C300 and ACE moves multivariable predictive control out of the Microsoft

  • operating system and into the Experion Control Engineering Environment.

  • Automated skid integration applies our LEAP lean automation project solution to PLC integration.

  • Experion PKS supports of all wireless standards, including ISA 100.11a and Wireless HART.

Experion Orion Console
LEAP and Automated Device Commissioning

Experion PKS further optimizes LEAP project execution in our most advanced, open and secure control system. Auto Device Commissioning automatically binds control configuration engineered in our secure cloud with field devices connected to any Universal I/O channel. The result is a reduction in transmitter commissioning time from 2 hours to 1 minute.

Continuous Evolution with the Customer in Mind

Experion PKS improves project efficiency and production and reduces operator-related incidents and lifecycle management costs. Honeywell continues our 40-year control system evolution coordinated with customer input to defend safety, security, and intellectual investments while keeping you current with today’s technology.

Visit the Experion PKS Orion page . ​​

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