Leveraging Virtualization Support with Experion PKS

Leveraging Virtualization Support with Experion PKS

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Reducing costs and complexity with virtualization support for Experion PKS  

Today’s highly competitive markets call for manufacturers to do more with less, requiring them to maintain or increase production levels and introduce new offerings at a faster rate than before, while bringing costs down. In this context, reducing hardware and operating system (OS) changes, simplifying system maintenance and improving resource utilization has assumed greater importance. However, the growing number of servers and all-too-frequent system upgrades make this task difficult.

By allowing a single server to simultaneously run multiple OS and applications, and insulating the OS from hardware changes, virtualization reduces hardware requirements and improves system reliability.

Honeywell helps users leverage this technology by providing virtualization support for the widely-used Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS). Users not only benefit from streamlined Experion system management but also from up to 30 percent lower total cost of ownership.

Leveraging virtualization technology for process control

Experion integrates plant subsystems, including process control, asset management and safety and security, to give operators a more comprehensive view of how the plant is functioning to help them make better-informed decisions.

Honeywell’s range of virtualization support offerings includes Experion off-line testing and development solution that can be used for training, simulation and engineering. Offering under virtualization support also includes Experion’s suite of Advanced Alarm Management solutions that improve process safety and operator efficiency, and eServer solutions that provide Web access to the system. All three products have been awarded VMware Ready status.

Experion PKS virtualization support solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced Hardware and OS Changes: Users can utilize existing hardware longer, reducing costly hardware changeouts. They can also upgrade their hardware without having to touch the OS and applications, if they are difficult to migrate.
  • Improved Resource Utilization: With Experion PKS virtualization support, users can better utilize hardware resources without compromising on performance or causing interoperability issues with other applications.
  • Rapid Deployment of New Control System Nodes: Users don’t need to add new hardware and perform OS and application installations for installing new nodes.
  • Hardware Upgrade/Replacement without Reinstallation and Loss of View: Users can replace or upgrade physical machines without requiring operator system reinstallation or without any disruption to the operation of the virtual machine.
  • Improved Disaster Recovery Techniques: With Experion PKS virtualization support, features such as snapshots make it easy to install patches and rollback to known points.
  • Easy Upgrade of Operator Applications: Users can push a new application (or upgrade an existing one) out to operator consoles without requiring time-consuming installations on each node.

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