Industry Future Shapers Attend First Women’s Networking Event at EMEA Honeywell Users Group

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Industry Future Shapers Attend First Women’s Networking Event at EMEA Honeywell Users Group

The diverse perspectives and experiences of our workforce are critical to deliver a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world.


In support of that mission, Honeywell Process Solutions celebrated its First Women’s Networking Event at the EMEA Honeywell Users Group on Monday in The Hague, Netherlands. Each year, EMEA HUG draws nearly 1,000 customers, Honeywell employees and sponsors for four days of product launches, technology demonstrations and customer presentations.

“This year, we decided to do something a little different and host a networking event on the first day of HUG,” said Barbera de Baar, Global Users Group director. “We all recognize that to prosper in coming generations, we need to attract and retain diverse talent. This event encourages attendees to network and learn from each other as we work to shape the future and build and sustain a diverse industrial workforce.”

The event was hosted by Annemarie Diepenbroek, marketing director, HPS, and member of the executive leadership team.

“During my career, I’ve seen 10-year business plans turn into 3-year business plans, and these days we only look forward to the next 18 months,” said Diepenbroek. "To be fast and adaptable you need to be diverse, and a diverse workforce includes female participation in all roles across all areas of the business."

"This event is a chance for us to show our appreciation of women in the industry as we network and share experiences in how we can drive more diverse talent for years to come,” said HPS vice president of Human Resources Jeremy O’Brien.

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