A Different Kind of Thermal Processing – The Heat Was on

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A Different Kind of Thermal Processing – The Heat Was on

THERMPROCESS 2019, the international trade fair for the presentation of innovative technology and environmental concepts for industrial thermal processing plants, is taking place on June 25-29 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

​400 exhibitors from 30 countries and about 8,000 trade visitors are meeting during this time at the world’s most important trade fair in the industry, where the latest thermal processing technologies are being demonstrated. Honeywell Thermal Solutions presented its versatile and comprehensive portfolio of thermal transfer and connected solutions, targeting environmental and resource preservation as well as energy efficiency.

Claudia Wolff from heat processing magazine and Tim Lee, VPGM of Honeywell Thermal Solutions at Honeywell’s booth during THERMPROCESS 2019

Noteworthy, the booth had an especially “warm” atmosphere - not from the usual high temperatures of thermal processes, but from the traditional and well-known German hospitality. Tim Lee, vice president and general manager Honeywell Thermal Solutions, spoke to Claudia Wolff from heat processing magazine for an interview and mentioned that he was missing some German beer at the Honeywell booth. The next day Claudia was back and surprised him with two bottles of Stauder, a regional beer brand. A welcoming gesture that Tim will certainly not forget. And if you look closely, the beer even had a tag saying “heat” on it!

Watch Tim Lee’s interview here or learn more about Honeywell Thermal Solutions here.

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