Honeywell Hydrogen Solutions Help Customers Reduce Carbon Emissions

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Honeywell Hydrogen Solutions Help Customers Reduce Carbon Emissions

With Honeywell’s hydrogen-capable portfolio, customers can harness the promise of hydrogen energy for virtually any thermal application

​HOUSTON, July 7, 2020 – Honeywell today announced a strengthened focus on harnessing hydrogen energy to enable industrial and commercial thermal process customers to reduce their carbon emissions levels and comply with tightening global environmental regulations. The company now offers the most complete solutions for hydrogen combustion on the market, encompassing hydrogen capable burners, fuel supply products and controls.


The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, offers significant potential to reduce our global CO2 footprint. When produced using renewable energy, hydrogen used as a fuel will be carbon neutral, which lends it to playing a central role in next-generation, clean energy networks. Hydrogen’s ubiquity in industrial processes and its suitability as a fuel for a wide range of applications makes it ideal for widespread adoption.

Having built its reputation on helping customers reduce NOX or nitrogen oxides, especially as atmospheric pollutants, achieve energy-efficient operations and enhance safety through cutting-edge thermal equipment, Honeywell is now helping to realize the benefits of hydrogen energy. In recent years, Honeywell has invested significantly in lab-based simulations and studies on how to best adapt burners for hydrogen firing. These learnings – together with extensive customer application testing and best practices gleaned from deep experience with thermal processes – have been channeled into its portfolio of hydrogen solutions.

“Whether reducing emissions, driving operational efficiency, achieving compliance or enhancing safety, we’re ready to meet customers’ hydrogen-related needs today and in the future,” said Tim Lee, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Thermal Solutions. “Our offering uniquely spans the hydrogen lifecycle, from helping customers take their first steps along the journey, to providing everything they need for hydrogen combustion.”

Honeywell offers both hydrogen-ready and hydrogen-capable burners designed for a wide range of applications in markets like automotive, chemicals, construction, environmental, food, glass, metals, ceramics, gypsum, paper, power generation, printing and textiles. In addition, it provides fuel train supplies, piping, burner management systems and software solutions such as Thermal IQ, which turns thermal process data into actionable information that enables users to optimize their thermal process system. Honeywell customers also benefit from a range of services from commissioning to application testing.

Honeywell’s biggest priority when designing fuel-fired thermal appliances is safety. Every Honeywell burner undergoes a technical risk assessment at both the proposal phase and the execution phase to ensure it meets application safety requirements and is designed to comply with local safety codes and standards.

Given hydrogen’s large flammability range, high flame speed and low ignition temperature, precautions are taken in applying proper electrical wiring application principles, as well as to the design of purging, ratio-control, temperature protection and burner management functions. Additionally, leak and functional testing are performed during manufacturing, and further testing and inspection are undertaken during commissioning.

Honeywell’s hydrogen portfolio is available for order immediately.

For more information on Honeywell’s hydrogen capable thermal process solutions, please visit:

About Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT)
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About Honeywell
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