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Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: PAPERI JA PUU |  Date Authored: 8 Dec 2020 |  Size: 93KB
PAPERI JA PUU-measurement and control solutions-Finnish-article
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Testing |  Date Authored: 25 Oct 2020 |  Size: 1MB
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Tissue Technology International |  Date Authored: 5 Aug 2020 |  Size: 4MB
By Keith Lantz, Principal Technical Solutions Consultant & Fredrik Westerberg, Marketing Director, Honeywell Process Solutions
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: PAPERI JA PUU |  Date Authored: 26 May 2020 |  Size: 153KB
PAPERI JA PUU QCS4.0 Honeywell Finnish article
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Glass-Worldwide-Efficiency-Emissions-Quality-Flexibility-Dec2019 |  Date Authored: 16 Dec 2019 |  Size: 232KB
Irrespective the glass product being made, most furnaces generally consist of a melter, refiner/forehearth and cooling sections. As Jessica Irons explains, there are solutions along the process for helping to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, while keeping product quality intact.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Engineering |  Date Authored: 17 Oct 2019 |  Size: 5MB
The article reflects on how automation support services have evolved to meet today's business and operational demands. Read to know more.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: LNG Unlimited |  Date Authored: 15 Oct 2019 |  Size: 6MB
Optimising F&G system life cycle -Integrated approach for LNG companies.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: LNG Unlimited |  Date Authored: 15 Oct 2019 |  Size: 6MB
Digitizing Workforce Managagement, published in LNG Unlimited 29oct issue 2019.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Automation World |  Date Authored: 1 Aug 2018 |  Size: 259KB
The article describes how Experion LCN helped ExxonMobil capture more value from its current TDC 3000 system, preserved its IP investment by virtualizing legacy hardware nodes as software.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Control Global magazine |  Date Authored: 4 Jul 2018 |  Size: 230KB
The article highlights how Honeywell helped ExxonMobil preserve and bring forward its legacy TDC investments. Read the article for more details.
1-10 of 54 results

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