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Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Control Global magazine |  Date Authored: 4 Jul 2018 |  Size: 230KB
The article highlights how Honeywell helped ExxonMobil preserve and bring forward its legacy TDC investments. Read the article for more details.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Engineering |  Date Authored: 22 Feb 2018 |  Size: 2MB
Keeping your operating facilities safe and free from legal obligations that may arise due to unsafe design or incomplete safety specs, among many other factors. Read the article to know about the leakage and spill system at industrial sites.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Heat Processing |  Date Authored: 14 Feb 2018 |  Size: 383KB
Oil and gas plants can get more productive by paying attention to cyber security
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: |  Date Authored: 31 Jan 2018 |  Size: 1MB
article reprint in
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Pharmaceutical Technology |  Date Authored: 1 Jan 2018 |  Size: 403KB
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be used to monitor equipment health, optimize processes, and enable modular facilities. See how Pharmaceutical manufacturers can put IIoT to work.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine |  Date Authored: 18 Dec 2017 |  Size: 2MB
Article highlighting on accurate level measurement in dynamic applications.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Honeywell MeterSuite -DCS Integrated Flow Metering |  Date Authored: 16 Nov 2017 |  Size: 109KB
Discover the advantages of DCS Intregrated metering solutions
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Honeywell |  Date Authored: 10 Oct 2017 |  Size: 1MB
An article that explores the total care field Instrumentation services provided by Honeywell to protect Gas Metering investments.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Tanks and Terminals Magazine, supplement with Hydrocarbon Engineering |  Date Authored: 20 Sep 2017 |  Size: 2MB
Thought Leadership article on Terminal Automation in Tanks and Terminals magazine, Autumn issue. Its a cover story feature, written by Sridhar Sankaranarayanan. Engineering_June2017.pdf
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Engineering |  Date Authored: 31 Jul 2017 |  Size: 12MB
In this cover story, Eric Knapp discusses the new focus on industrial cyber securty programmes and their importance in advancing best practices.
11-20 of 55 results

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