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Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine |  Date Authored: 1 Jul 2017 |  Size: 2MB
Randy Wangler and Sridhar Sankaranarayanan,Honeywell Process Solutions,present a case study of a terminal in northern-central China that benefitted from integrating a new automation system.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Automation World |  Date Authored: 7 Jun 2017 |  Size: 1MB
by Jan Pingel & Matthew Burd
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Tanks and Terminals |  Date Authored: 7 Jun 2017 |  Size: 2MB
Case study of a terminal in northern-central China that benefitted from integrating a new automation system.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Control Engineering |  Date Authored: 1 Jun 2017 |  Size: 493KB
Advertorial introducing LEAP for Operations in Control Engineering in Chemical Processing.pdf
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Chemical Processing Magazine |  Date Authored: 25 May 2017 |  Size: 2MB
Amol Chaubal's article on 'Cloud based configuration offers down to earth savings' highlights on how projects involving field instruments can gain variety of benefits using cloud technology. Librarry/2017-CP-HUGEMEA-FAQs.pdf
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: 2017-CP-HUGEMEA-FAQs |  Date Authored: 17 Apr 2017 |  Size: 1MB
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Preparing for the IIoT Evolution |  Date Authored: 30 Mar 2017 |  Size: 1MB
A Real-World Approach to the IIoT for Process Reliability Take-controlof-measurements.pdf
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Profile- Elster |  Date Authored: 16 Mar 2017 |  Size: 451KB
Honeywell Elster Precision Solutions offers Meascon - the CBM system that fully integrates with Ultrasonic flow metering system, taking performance to the next level.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Processing |  Date Authored: 15 Feb 2017 |  Size: 3MB
This article, published in Hydrocarbon Processing, discusses how software such as Process Safety Analytics help plants never to waste a shutdown to improve process safety and uptime.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: ControlGlobal - Putman Media |  Date Authored: 27 Jan 2017 |  Size: 5MB
Article by Jim Montague, Control's Exec editor talks about how systems help run plants better. Braskem's migration to Experion R430 is cited as an example. Although the migration was complicated and risky, Braskem gained new technologies and capabilities with the project, and they have had no DCS related plant shutdowns since.
21-30 of 55 results

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