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Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: ISA InTech |  Date Authored: 1 Oct 2016 |  Size: 1MB
Early adopters of digitization are achieving excellent results with profitability gains of multimillions of dollars.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Midstream Business |  Date Authored: 1 Oct 2016 |  Size: 4MB
Incorporating modular and automation design into plants can help gas processors respond to current midstream challenges.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: InnovOil, Newsbase |  Date Authored: 4 Jul 2016 |  Size: 3MB
Rohit Robinson, Director of Portfolio Innovation at Honeywell Process Solutions, explores how smart devices will be a necessity as plant and operator become more connected
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Processing |  Date Authored: 1 Jul 2016 |  Size: 1MB
Minimize industrial cyber security risk in plants in 12 steps
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Digital Energy Journal |  Date Authored: 15 Jun 2016 |  Size: 1MB
A good “monitoring by exception” system on a gas field should help staff respond to what’s important – and not be bothered the rest of the time. But it needs to be properly set up. Michele Loseto from Honeywell Process Solutions explains how to do it, with an example from a coal seam gas field. the way to safer more productive plants with the IIoT.pdf
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Processing |  Date Authored: 28 Apr 2016 |  Size: 1MB
Pave the way to safe,r more productive plants with the IIoT
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Hydrocarbon Engineering |  Date Authored: 20 Apr 2016 |  Size: 1MB
Suresh K Ravindran, HPS India, explores a design and implementation philosophy for tank storage overfill prevention.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: OE |  Date Authored: 1 Apr 2016 |  Size: 2MB
Today's flow metering systems for petroleum products must not only precisely onitor production and transfers; they also need to provide robust data to underpin didgital inteligence for improved decision-making.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Oilfied Technology |  Date Authored: 15 Mar 2016 |  Size: 1MB
Michele Loseto’s article "Deciphering the Digital Oilfield" published in the March 2016 issue of Oilfield Technology. In this article, Michele assesses the impact of digital field solutions on the optimisation of real time data.
Document Type: Article Reprint |  Publication: Utilize APC Solutions to resolve hydrocracker conversion optimization challenges |  Date Authored: 26 Feb 2016 |  Size: 1MB
Utilize APC Solutions to resolve hydrocracker conversion optimization challenges
31-40 of 49 results

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