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List Item’s-Experion-R400-Wins-Control-Engineering’s-2011-Engineers’-Choice-Award.aspx
Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 23 Feb 2011 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 75KB
Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced that its Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) R400 control and automation platform has been awarded the Control Engineering 2011 Engineers’ Choice Award in the process control systems category.
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Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 3 Nov 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 75KB
The Honeywell Users Group (HUG) student competition – which was originally launched in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region – challenges students to design automation solutions to common problems facing process manufacturers.
List Item,-Maintains-Focus-on-Maximizing-Safety-and-Minimizing-Environmental-Impact.aspx
Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 2 Aug 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 74KB
Process safety and environmental impact took center stage at the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Consortium’s 2010 Quarterly Review Meeting, held at the University of California at Los Angeles.
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Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 13 Jul 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 75KB
The 900 Control Station includes new features that allow engineers to more quickly configure the system and operators to monitor their processes more efficiently and reduce data entry error.
List Item’s-Latest-Version-of-Onewireless-Gives-Plants-Greater-Flexibility-in-Designing-Networks.aspx
Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 14 Jun 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 77KB
OneWireless R200, which is now fully compliant with the ISA100.11a standard, will allow plants to design a wireless network with different types of wireless coverage.
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Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 14 Jun 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 76KB
Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced the release of Field Advisor™, the company’s newest addition to its family of mobile productivity solutions that help industrial facilities keep their equipment running within safe operating limits.
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Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 10 Jun 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 74KB
The Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium has released the third in its series of best-practice publications based on 15 years of research in the prevention of abnormal situations.
List Item,-Efficient-Production-in-Manufacturing-Facilities.aspx
Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 7 Jun 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 76KB
Digital Video Manager (DVM) R400 features an upgraded system architecture that allows operators to more-easily manage multiple video subsystems deployed across global facilities from a central location.
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Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 1 Jun 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 76KB
Honeywell (NYSE:HON) has been selected to help Applied Extrusion Technologies (AET), Inc. improve production while reducing overall production costs at two of the plastic films maker’s North America plants.
List Item,-Remote-IO-Module-for-Safety-Manager.aspx
Document Type: Press Release Page |  Dateline: 4 May 2010 |  Location: Phoenix |  Size: 75KB
Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today released a universal remote input/output (I/O) module for its Safety Manager platform that allows process manufacturers to integrate more safety devices while simplifying installation and maintenance.
1-10 of 32 results

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