Competition Rules

Competition Rules

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All competitions have rules, here are ours:

  1. All contestants must use UniSim Design Suite software to create their process designs.

  2. If your university/college does not have UniSim Design Suite, Honeywell sponsors an Academic Program offering this software free of charge – see How do I obtain UniSim Design Software?

  3. The competition is open to all full and part-time students studying an engineering, science, technology or math-related subject at the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate level enrolled in a recognized university/college. Employees of Honeywell and their families are excluded from the competition.

  4. A supervising or advising faculty member must support each entry. The faculty member must review and approve the student(s)’ entry before it is submitted and affirm that the student(s) did the work themselves.

  5. The submitted abstract and presentation should highlight the new design OR what problem is solved using UniSim Design, provide details of the experiment, a description of how the approach is innovative, and the main benefits the project offers.

  6. Abstracts should be submitted via the Honeywell Process Solutions website and include full name of contestant(s) and of their university/college.
  7. The format for the presentation is Microsoft PowerPoint. The Honeywell Users Group presentation template will be sent to participants when they have confirmed their notice of intent to compete. The UniSim Design simulation case file must be submitted for evaluation.

  8. A jury of Honeywell and customer user experts will select one winner across all regions – Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

  9. The jury reserves the right to declare the contest void if the submitted abstracts and presentations do not fulfill eligibility requirements.

  10. All entries will become the property of Honeywell. At the end of the competition, all entries, except the winning and runner-up entries, will be destroyed.

  11. The winner will be announced on the Honeywell Process Solutions website, including the names of the winning entry, author, supervising or advising faculty member and university/college. Honeywell reserves the right to publish or distribute the winning and runner-up abstracts and presentations, and photos of the winners, the runner-up and their supervising or advising faculty member through any electronic and physical form.

  12. The winner must present their work at the Honeywell Users Group Americas conference in English. Non-attendance implies renunciation of the prize.

  13. If a team submits a winning entry, no more than two of the winning team’s members, plus their supervising or advising faculty member, will attend the Honeywell Users Group Americas conference.

  14. If required, the student(s) and their supervising or advising faculty member are responsible for their own visa arrangements.

  15. There will be no financial or monetary rewards of any kind.

  16. For situations not covered herein, the jury will rule, considering as top priority, equal opportunity of winning for all participants. All decisions of the jury are final. By participating in the competition, students accept and will be bound by these competition rules.

  17. This competition is void where prohibited by law.


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